What do you think about the name [name]Amos[/name]?

I think it might be growing on me.

Some other boy names I like are:

[name]Liam[/name] (doesn’t flow with last name but I couldn’t resist putting it on my list!)
[name]Blaze[/name] (I would most likley never name my child this, but I like it still)
[name]Elijah[/name] nickname [name]Eli[/name]

I love [name]Amos[/name]! It could sound strange for a little boy … anyway, I still love it!
I’ve never heard of Dannon before, it’s growing on me. Although, it sounds a little like a brand of detergent …
I like [name]Phineas[/name], too, but I prefer [name]Blaze[/name] spelt [name]Blaise[/name] (a French name).
The name I love, but would never name my son :
Rodolphus :smiley:

I like [name]Amos[/name] a lot, but always think of Famous [name]Amos[/name]. So actually putting in on a baby could be tricky.

[name]Phineas[/name]- like, but nicknaming him Phin is a little weird. I like [name]Finnian[/name] better with the nickname [name]Finn[/name].

Dannon- yogurt.

[name]Liam[/name]- cool, but would steer away from it if it conflicts with your last name.

[name]Benson[/name]- love it.

[name]Blaze[/name]- better sounding on something other than a baby.

[name]Elijah[/name]- love it, but like it better without the nickname [name]Eli[/name].

[name]Owen[/name]- great, solid name.

[name]Noah[/name]- still see this as a name for an old bearded man.

[name]Adam[/name]- nice, but it’s freshness has worn out.

Good luck!