An Imaginary Little World BNG

[i]I am a big fan of creating imaginary worlds and countries in my daydreams. I often wonder which names would be popular in that culture so I give you…An Imaginary [name_m]Little[/name_m] World BNG.

Hopefully it is pretty simple:

Post a description of an imaginary world/culture. You may want to describe customs/food/weather/clothes/lifestyle. The next poster will give an idea of a few names/naming customs that would fit that world/culture and then give another world/culture for the next poster.

Be as creative/crazy as you like. [/i]

On the Island of Muna, the locals will wake at about three in the morning and do schoolwork/household chores until sunup. Consequently, they will go to bed straight after their evening meal at about 6/7pm. [name_f]Music[/name_f] is important. They speak a language where meanings are often to do with the pitch of the voice and the national food is falafel.