And for the boys!

Yay! This is it everyone:) I’ve finished listing my favourites with this post as this time it’s all boys! No where near as many as my girls list so please try and leave a comment for most if not all and as always, honesty is the best policy:) Also could you please suggest some that you think I would like? I don’t normally ask this but I don’t have a lot of boys names and would love to add some more to my collection:) Thanks:)

[name]Luca[/name] (s)

  • means I love the name
  • means I like the name
    ~ means I think it could be better
  • means I don’t care for the name

Let’s GO!

[name]Matthew[/name] ~ [name]Matthias[/name], [name]Matteo[/name]
[name]Luca[/name] (s) ~ NOT [name]Luca[/name], that is feminine-looking to me, but [name]Luke[/name].
[name]Thomas[/name] +
[name]Freddie[/name] -
[name]Paxton[/name] - I know a girl with this name.
[name]Oliver[/name] +
[name]Nathaniel[/name] *
[name]Atticus[/name] +
[name]Gideon[/name] -
[name]Nicholas[/name] +
[name]Benjamin[/name] ~ I like it a lot, but I also love [name]Bennett[/name].
[name]Jacob[/name] +
[name]Noah[/name] ~ It is so popular, and it seems a bit childish.
[name]Henry[/name] *
[name]Maxwell[/name] + Good middle name, because I don’t like [name]Max[/name].
[name]Solomon[/name] ~ Again, middle name?
[name]Michael[/name] ~
[name]Samuel[/name] ~
[name]Adam[/name] +
[name]John[/name] ~ I like [name]Jack[/name].
[name]Daniel[/name] ~ [name]Dashiell[/name], [name]Darian[/name]
[name]Reid[/name] +
[name]Bodhi[/name] -
[name]Jason[/name] -
[name]Griffith[/name] ~ [name]Griffin[/name] is more my style.
[name]Brandon[/name] - SO dated in my opinion!
[name]Ronald[/name] -
[name]Von[/name] - Is this a name?
[name]Gavin[/name] - I knew a guy named [name]Daven[/name], and it sounds too similar…
[name]Patrick[/name] +
[name]Meredith[/name] - Woah, NOT for a boy! Unless it is a middle, perhaps.
[name]Andre[/name] ~ I don’t care for it, but maybe [name]Andres[/name] would be better?
[name]Salvador[/name] - [name]Salvador[/name] Dali?
[name]David[/name] ~
[name]Joss[/name] - Reminds me of the female musician, [name]Joss[/name] [name]Stone[/name].
[name]Anthony[/name] ~
[name]Paris[/name] - Oh no! Not for a boy! I get the mythological connection.
[name]August[/name] ~
[name]Archie[/name] + Cute nickname for [name]Archer[/name] or [name]Archibald[/name]!
[name]Oscar[/name] ~ Prefer [name]Oliver[/name]. Reminds me of [name]Oscar[/name] the Grouch.
[name]Robert[/name] - Never been a fan. Sorry!
[name]James[/name] *

Sorry for harsh criticism, and good luck!

That’s alright:) I’ll take all the comments and opinions I can get! Please keep them coming everyone:)