And her children were named....

My son [name]Theo[/name] had his final soccer game today and they had a big party after with pictures etc. Well they handed out medals for the children and called them all by name. There was a set of twins and their younger brother there and their names were:

[name]Brighton[/name] and [name]Camden[/name] (identical twins) and Surrey (younger brother).

I got to speaking with their mother and asked if she had a special connection to [name]England[/name] and she said, nope and asked why I asked. I said it was because [name]Brighton[/name], [name]Camden[/name] and Surrey are all places in [name]England[/name]. She shrugged and said she had no clue, just liked the sound of them.

I found out from another mother that she has an older daughter named [name]London[/name]. Seems strange that she would name all her children off of [name]England[/name] places and not know it, but anyways, do you like this sib-set?

[name]Brighton[/name], [name]Camden[/name], Surrey and [name]London[/name].

As just surnames, I like [name]Brighton[/name] and Surrey. [name]Camden[/name] is alright. I’m not sure about Surrey but [name]Brighton[/name] and [name]Camden[/name] have connections outside of [name]England[/name] and are used, not commonly but enough, as surnames… but that is just one big coincidence. I wonder if she just did a search for place names and didn’t bother checking where they were from. [name]London[/name] just isn’t classy for me but I do like [name]Brighton[/name] and Surrey.

Oh dear,

Sorry, but being from (and living in) [name]England[/name] - that selection of names sounds ridiculous. [name]Even[/name] if she did have a connection in [name]England[/name] I don’t think you could justify those names.

I just hope her children don’t ever want to spend much time in [name]England[/name] as there may well be many jokes.