Animal Names?

I am really loving animal names for boys! I [name]LOVE[/name] [name]Fox[/name], but am wondering if this may become pretty popular. Any cool ideas?? What are thoughts on [name]Crane[/name]? My other kids have vintage style names…would [name]Crane[/name] fit? Thanks!

I dislike [name]Crane[/name], but I love [name]Fox[/name].

Some others I’d use:


I probably have more I just can’t think
I have some for girls too but you asked for boys.

Cobra? Ferret? …really? I would hate my parents if they named me one of those.

I think [name]Fox[/name] is nice (reminds me of The X-Files). [name]Crane[/name] is so-so for me.

Thanks ladies, I do love [name]Sparrow[/name] but would I look like a [name]Nicole[/name] [name]Richie[/name] copy-cat? :slight_smile: Adler and [name]Lark[/name] are cool too.:slight_smile: I want my next childs name to feel really DIFFERENT, and fox may or may not become more mainstream?!

I know a guy called [name]Robin[/name], and it works very well for him. I like [name]Fox[/name] and [name]Bear[/name] as well :slight_smile:


I adore [name]Crane[/name]. I think it’s much better than [name]Fox[/name].

I cant think of any animal names in english that I like, in French there are a few that are used as names and might work for you

Loup = wolf
Léon/[name]Leon[/name] = lion

[name]Colombe[/name] = dove (have considered this myself!)

A friend of mine just had a little boy [name]Robin[/name] and I just think it’s adorable! It’s also my sister’s middle name. It has the easy and super normal nn [name]Rob[/name] / [name]Robbie[/name] just in case the kid hates it
To me, [name]Fox[/name] will always be Moulder from X Files, but I love that guy so I don’t see a problem with it! Plus it’s not like anyone the kid grows up with will know about X files.

I think [name]Wolf[/name] / Wolfie/ [name]Wolfgang[/name] could work.

[name]Bear[/name] couldn’t work imo cause it’s a term for a large and hairy gay man.

I would be wary of the ones that sound like biker nicknames (Cobra) or some nickname a hippie made up for himself ([name]Sparrow[/name]).

I like [name]Kitty[/name] or [name]Bunny[/name] as a nickname on a girl.

I agree with [name]Crane[/name] or [name]Robin[/name] - I don’t think either will jump to popularity soon and both have somewhat of a vintage vibe to me

Thanks everyone! [name]Wolfgang[/name] is super cool. [name]Robin[/name] is cool when I hear you guys talk about it more, but immediately I think of [name]Robin[/name] [name]Williams[/name], which turns me off a little. I saw [name]Pike[/name] on a birth announcement the other day, it intrigued me a little too:)

[name]Crane[/name] is pretty cool! I like [name]Fox[/name], too. My mom started this whole animal-nickname thing with my siblings and I, so it’s something I would love to continue for my own children. My grandmother loves birds, so I like the idea of bird names (especially for girls).

I’ve tossed around:

[name]Sparrow[/name] (first choice for my first daughter!)
[name]Bear[/name] (first choice for my first son!)

I haven’t really gotten beyond that. I think [name]Peregrine[/name] or [name]Wolf[/name] could be pretty cool for a boy, although I’m not sure how good of a nn option they’d be…

I know a little boy named [name]Drake[/name], and it is kinda cute. I would call him Ducky all the time, but that is a cute nn for a boy :wink: I love animal names!

I think [name]Hart[/name] would work well with vintage-style names.

My son’s name is [name]Kodiak[/name]. I guess it is like [name]Bear[/name] but a little more normal. We use his full name or call him Kod. Kodi would work as a nn as well.

I think [name]Crane[/name] is really cool!

I like [name]Crane[/name] for a boy. I don’t like [name]Fox[/name] because if the boy isn’t all that foxy to look at, well, that’s a hard name to live up to. I love [name]Sparrow[/name] for a girl, have since I was a kid, and I don’t think it’s to “out there” or “hippie”. I do like [name]Bear[/name] but there is a homosexual connotation to that in the states. I love [name]Wolfgang[/name], has the animal element to it. A kid I went to school with had a little brother named [name]Wolf[/name] so not that weird to me. I don’t like [name]Robin[/name] for girls. To me it’s a boys name (Batman and male sidekick [name]Robin[/name]). Wren is lovely.

This is a great suggestion.

@ eskay - I really like [name]Hart[/name]! The more I say it, the more I like it. Anyone else have thoughts on it?

[QUOTE=whit32;1414529]@ eskay - I really like Hart! The more I say it, the more I like it. Anyone else have thoughts on it?[/QUOTE

I like it a lot.