Annabeth nn Annie?

I’ve loved the names Annabeth and [name]Annie[/name] for a long time, so it would make sense to have a daughter named Annabeth with the nickname [name]Annie[/name]. A problem with this is that most, if not all, of my future children will be adopted. [name]Will[/name] the whole Orphan [name]Annie[/name] thing be an issue? Also, thoughts on [name]Annie[/name], Annabeth, and Annabeth nn [name]Annie[/name]?

You know, I never thought of that. I just always loved [name]Annie[/name], but never connected it to orphan [name]Annie[/name]. I plan to adopt, as well, and [name]Hannah[/name] nn [name]Annie[/name] is on my list, so I’m curious to see what others think! My guess is that it wouldn’t be too obvious to others, but it could be a source of teasing from kids, if they watch the movie and know your daughter is adopted. Is that movie really that popular any more, though? I didn’t really think it was.

I think it will always be popular as a school musical, though, but I’m really not an expert. It’s just that I’ve been talking to moms of adoptive kids, and they say that other kids’ knowledge of orphans usually comes from [name]Annie[/name], or a move like it.

I never made that connection either. That’s tricky! I’m not sure a lot of kids will notice either, but then again, it only takes one, and kids can be cruel. What about the nn [name]Ana[/name]?