Anthea & Gloria

These two seem to be neglected names.
What do you think of them?

I’m a closet lover of the name [name]Gloria[/name]. I actually brought this name up to by husband the other night. He doesn’t like it :frowning: I think it’s a great name and I even like the nn [name]Glory[/name]. I really do love this name. I hope I’m not alone.

As a sibset for sisters they work brilliantly.

I like [name]Anthea[/name] more and possibly would use [name]Gloria[/name] in the middle name spot.

[name]Lovely[/name] names ready for revival I think.

I love [name]Anthea[/name]! It’s beautiful, and has a nice meaning, too. [name]Gloria[/name] is pretty but not one of my favorites.

My name is [name]Glory[/name] and I have always had the nicest compliments about my name. I’ve only met 2 other [name]Glory[/name]'s…so it’s quite uncommon, which is nice.
My nickname has been Glo since I was little…and I still allow myself to be called that from family & close friends :wink:
You should consider it instead of [name]Gloria[/name]…you won’t regret it!!

I’m surprised [name]Glory[/name] isn’t more popular - it has lovely connotations and is merry and cute.