Anthony or Antonio?

Which one do you like better? What do you picture when you hear each name? Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

I prefer [name]Anthony[/name]. There are 2 young boys in my neighbourhood (one in grade 7, one in grade 4 maybe) named [name]Anthony[/name] -so I picture a fun loving energetic boy. [name]Antonio[/name], I imagine a middle aged Italian man with a very hairy chest. lol! :slight_smile:

A friend of mine named her son [name]Antonio[/name] but calls him Nio. A much better nn option than [name]Tony[/name] in my opinion, if you’re into nn. I just like [name]Antonio[/name] better. Nio is a cute little boy in my mind, but will also work as he grows up.

I like [name]Anthony[/name] best. ([name]Antonio[/name] is a nice Spanish name though.) My younger son’s best friend is named [name]Anthony[/name]. He is a thoughtful, considerate teenaged boy who loves skateboarding. I tend to see [name]Anthony[/name] as the name of a Boy [name]Scout[/name] type.

I like [name]Anthony[/name] more. It reminds me of [name]Tony[/name] Stark, but I really like Superheroes. I picture a rough and tumble boy but still sweet and thoughtful. I have never met an [name]Anthony[/name], and I like the nickname [name]Tony[/name].

I prefer [name]ANTONIO[/name]. [name]Anthony[/name], while nice, is so overused that I just lost interest in it. I knew an [name]Antonio[/name] nn [name]Tony[/name]. I like it.