Anxiously excited and scared 4-5weeks

I’ve had a hectic few weeks and in the chaos
I am normally on 29 days cycle confused it was late and took a home test, it came back with 2 lines and I got blood work done, bHCGs were 230s, scheduled ultrasound and they couldn’t find a gestational sac (queue worry it’s chemical/ectopic) few days later another blood test bHCGs at 2500. Had a few stressful days and started spotting (que panic) went to the hospital and they found a gestational sac but it looked high :frowning: meaning it may not be viable even though implanted.

I’m all excited about what-ifs and nervous due to experiences with loss/chemical type.

Any advice or good mediatations to get out of my head so I don’t put stress hormones rampant throughout my body (already have anxiety :laughing:)?

I don’t have anyone to talk to in regards to this as I don’t want to tell ANYONE in case of loss so I am hoping it is ok to post here… I feel safe talking here and I know berries are super helpful.

No real advice but sending good thoughts your way! As someone who struggles with anxiety as well I understand the struggle it can be to keep your mind in a healthy place. It sounds like your doing everything you’re supposed to.

And you’re always welcome to post if you need any support! This is one of the best forums online I’ve found for finding kind understanding people.

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Thank you :blush:

Understand the anxiety! I would recommend the GentleBirth app. They used to do a 7 day free trial- I assume they still do. It’s a meditation app basically for during pregnancy labour and postpartum but they have all sorts of tracks for all different scenarios so would be helpful for anxiety, early pregnancy and in the event of a loss (which :crossed_fingers:t3: You won’t have to go through).