Any entrepreneurs here? How did you start your own business?

Share your experience here. Let’s try to keep it positive.

I have a registered business, but I don’t consider myself an entrepreneur (there’s no risks to me as I still work another job part time, and I’m not investing everything in my business). I’m a qualified photographer, and I really do love it. I’m trying to grow my business, but I can’t do much with all the covid restrictions unfortunately.

Oh, I meant to comment on this earlier.

[name_f]My[/name_f] mom is an entrepreneur. She didn’t have too much savings but she did have some and then got most of her start up money from various sources like her family and the bank to buy a house (she doesn’t remember all the sources she got money from anymore so I can’t help y’all too much with this). Once she managed to scrap up enough to get one rental house and fix it up, it’s exponential income from there. [name_f]My[/name_f] mom was a SAHM while my dad worked and he barely made enough to cover bills and necessities at the time but it did cover everything so my mom could use all the rent money she received toward houses. As soon as she had enough money from rent to have a downpayment for another house, she would immediately do so. She was initially very strict on late rent because we did not comfortably have much cash on hand but she has since become more lenient once we were more financially comfortable. She pretty quickly “owned” (technically it’s under a company name) many houses and then she decided to design and build custom homes and then shopping centers.

She has since went back to college and discovered she loves law when taking a law class so she then went to law school and is now a self employed attorney.

She is really good at what she does and has the personality for it. She is assertive, determined, doesn’t tolerate bs, demanding, always wanting to learn new things, has a friendly personality (until you get her mad), doesn’t rest til things get done, persistant, doesn’t take no for an answer, all of which helped her excel as an entrepreneur (though not the best experience at home).

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I’m not really an entrepreneur, but I do have my own Redbubble shop:

I haven’t started a business yet, but I plan to leave my old job and start my own business. What tips can you give to a beginner?

[name_f]My[/name_f] mum started her own business. She makes flower bouquets. Mostly bridal. She uses materials and papers though. They are amazing.
Crazy story: she used to teach business and finance at college. She had a severe level 5 brain hemorrhage in the personality sector of her brain and when she recovered from it she gave up her job and went all creative. She now makes flower bouquets for brides in the states and in the UK( where we live) she also has just become hugely creative in general.


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