Any thoughts on website update?

We fixed this but I can see that a recent change has removed this again. I’ll flag it up now, thanks for the catch!

Lots of comments about this, I’ll bring it up again with the team but I know there were good reasons for this decision related to site speed, etc. It wasn’t just a snap decision.

This is being brought back! Unisex names will eventually be green and you’ll be able to add them to lists as unisex.


Was referring to additional comments that can be made in lists, but yes I miss that as well. I understand the rationale but it was nice having somewhere to comment about specific names.


Still not working :frowning:

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What browser/device please? And what happens if you refresh the page?

I’ve tried it on a Windows 10 PC, with both Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. And Google Chrome on a 7th generation iPod touch.
Same result for each. If I refresh, it continues to show the same blank screen.

When I try, there is a short delay and it’s almost as though the page tries to load twice. The first load shows a blank screen, but if I wait a short while, the second load kicks in and it works. Yours seems to be stopping after the first load :thinking:

Have you tried clearing your browser data? Cookies + cache. This can sometimes interfere with web page loading.

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No, I didn’t think of that. I’ll try it now.

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You’ll need to relaunch your browser afterwards, from experience :slight_smile:

Still not working on Desktop, but I have a different problem. I click on the account tab and I can’t even get to my lists. It just gets stuck loading.
Unfortunately, I’ve been unexpectedly busy and haven’t gotten a chance to try it on mobile yet.

Also, it now thinks I’m replying to you too much. :thinking:

Oh dear :grin: Not at all, I’m glad you’re reporting these issues and I’ll try my best to get it sorted.

I can’t browse the blog posts by category anymore. Any hope of fixing that?

The white background is terrible, hurts my eyes, and makes the site look like it hasn’t finished loading, yet. To not even have the option for a dark version in 2021 is kind of embarrassing.


Hey mods, I just wanted to let you know that I’ve been having issues loading the account page ( for about a week now. On my Firefox browser it just displays the moving loading bars that change colour but never actually manages to display the page. I’ve tried it on Microsoft Edge and it loads fine there so it’s not a huge issue and there’s no need to rush to look into it, I just wanted to make you aware :slight_smile:

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Thanks, I’ll make the tech team aware!

@charlottenina Edited to add that it could be worth clearing your cookies and cache as this can sometimes contribute to loading issues.

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I just have a few questions:

  • how often are things fixed & changed and what’s the hierarchy like for what needs to be fixed?
  • this is rather silly, but what did the old website look like? I joined after the website update and I may have looked around on the old website a bit, but I hardly remember.
  • if you miss coming on nameberry for one day, does your progress towards the Aficiando badge get reset?
  • will there ever be an option for dark mode/different colours other than white?
  • would it ever be possible for the PM limits to exceed 25 messages?

old forums? Think an old fashioned, soft green forum, that’s it. Signatures below posts.


There are several options on discourse’s meta forum, not on nb though

I don’t think so, it has reasons

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(me being a nerdy user haha)

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Laurie covered most of it. I can ask about dark mode being added.

Things are being fixed and changed every day. They’re addressed in terms of urgency, so anything that’s completely broken or breaking other functions will be fixed first, with feature requests etc. addressed later. Nameberry is run by a very small team so it isn’t possible for all feature requests to be added instantly, but anything that is breaking the site will always be fixed very quickly.

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Here is a screenshot I have from the old forums! I took it ages ago (seriously, like 2016 :joy:) to keep track of my kids in the “baby per day” game. Ignore the yellow highlights, I assume I had searched my combo to help me find my post.

old forum style

Anyway, each post looked like that!


So nostalgic :’)