I met a girl named Aquarelle I thought it was just gorgeous. She told me that her father is an artist and it means water colors in french. She does not go by a nickname. What do you think of this name?

I love the meaning but I’m not in love with the sound. I actually think I’d like [name]Aquarius[/name] better.

Maybe if I heard it spoken I would like it. It reminds me of [name]Aqua[/name] Aerobics, which I like to do, but…

But wouldn’t [name]Aquarius[/name] be male?

To be polite, I’ll just say not my style.

honestly, sounds like a hand sanitizer.

I immediately thought of shave gel or hand sanitizer.

The meaning is wonderful, but I don’t care for the sound.

Aquarelle reminds me of “a quarrel.” I think it’s a really creative choice, though!

Take care!

But wouldn’t [name]Aquarius[/name] be male?[/quote]

Would it? It’s listed here as female. I’d use it for a girl before a I would a boy. Okay okay it’s not really my style :confused: . It would however make an interesting middle name for a either sex.
The original mythological character was male. Isn’t the -us ending normally male? I have to admit, it would be strange on a boy.

Thanks for the info. [name]Aquarius[/name]’ gender has been solved. :slight_smile:
It still feels more like a girls name to me but there are a lot of ancient names that appear more female when they are in fact male.
This has got me thinking about the other 11 signs of the zodiac and which I think feel more male or female.

lol it would be a perfect name for a hand sanitizer!

The meaning is pretty but it also struck me as having a “brand name” quality to it. [name]How[/name] did she pronounce it? Is it [name]Ah[/name]-kwa-rell, with the L sounds pronounced?

This, to me, is the name of a lovely French restaurant.

I don’t like it sorry. What about [name]Aqua[/name].

I must have a speech impediment because I can’t get my lips and tongue around the “kwa” and the “rel” next to each other.