Are these names too similar for close cousins?

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  • Yes they are too similar : 8 (12%)
  • No they can work: 59 (88%)

Honestly, I think you may be overanalyzing. To me they sound very different in sound and in style. Lowenna is lovely and I’d implore you to use it if you love it. I don’t think she would get mixed up with her cousin’s name in the slightest. If you were thinking [name_f]Makena[/name_f] and [name_f]Kenna[/name_f] or [name_f]Makena[/name_f] and [name_u]Makenzie[/name_u] maybe I’d say it’s too much, but Lowenna seems different enough to work beautifully.

They really don’t sound that similar

totally fine! they sound very different to me

They sound like totally different names. You’d have to point out the similarities for most people to notice.

I really like Lowenna, btw. Never heard it before but it’s lovely.

I think they do sound a bit too similar considering that it’s a family member you see a lot.

I think they could work together. They both end in “-enna”, but I agree with you, the beginnings are completely different and each name has a different feel/sound to it. And if you plan on using Lowenna’s nickname most of the time, there should really be no problem. Plus, [name_f]Makena[/name_f] might like it if she had a cousin whose name rhymed with hers, to establish some special connection between them.

Thank you everyone for your feedback, it’s great to get some outside perspectives! I’m happy that it seems most see the names as rather different.

lindseylovestheatre!!! - Yes I had thought about that! She is an only child so she might like having something like that to tie them together. I could always tell her that the name is sort of a mix of her and her grandma’s names :slight_smile: Also they have pretty much the same meanings.

The short form Lowenn (Lo-WEN) has also grown on me, probably more than [name_u]Wyn[/name_u] which seems a bit of a stretch, so she would probably often go by Lo or Lowenn knowing my penchant for nicknames and short forms which could help differentiate them further.

They don’t sound that similar. Having said that I dislike the name in sound and how it looks written.

I wasn’t going to respond until saccarabird said she also liked Lo-WEN. I like Lowen better than Lowenna but either one works very well with cousin, [name_f]Makena[/name_f].

So first off, I think their beginnings sound different enough that most people would think it’s not an issue. However, I totally get your concern about the ending being essentially the same. If it was me, I’d probably try to find a way to honor my mom but have a different ending of the name. I’m not familiar with Lowenna, is it a spelling variation of your mom’s name? If so, would you consider altering the ending a bit so you could get rid of your concerns?

I like Lowen a lot better than Lowenna. Or (just throwing this out there) what about Lowenne? Would that work? Then the two names would be very different in my opinion.

My mom’s name is [name_f]Lorna[/name_f]. Lowenna sounds like [name_f]Lorna[/name_f] (but more to my tastes) and it’s a Cornish name that means “joy” (my mom’s middle name). So not a spelling variation as such, but a subtle not-so-obvious honour name.

I do like your suggestion of Lowenne! Lowen looks and feels a bit more masculine to me (and it is the unisex option) but Lowenne definitely feminizes it a bit and also helps with pronunciation. I feel Lowen looks like it should be pronounced “LO-win” but Lowenne helps with inflection (so it’s more Lo-WEN). Added bonus is it does make it sound completely different to [name_f]Makena[/name_f].

I have also considered Lowen (LO-win) as a possible middle for a boy.