Are two (or three) middle names too much?

So I have seen a few posts with two (and sometimes three) middle names, and even read a nameberry blog “naming trends of 2010” listing mutiple middle names as a trend (a la the european royal tradition)…so wondering who out there has mutiple middle name and enjoys it? And wondering if giving too many middle names is just giving off aires? (and I am a fan of so many names I think I will at least have two middle names for future babykins!).

I think 2 or 3 names are okay if they have significance and flows well. I think middle names are important because it will be a conversation they will have many times over their life. She will probably offer some kind of explanation or theory of why that was their middle name.

I agree with the pp, if the names sound all right together and have meaning to you, I’m all for piling them on. Plus, multiple middles can give you a chance to honor people (family members, friends, authors, what have you) and still have other names you want in there too.

I have 2 middle names and I’m glad I do. It set me apart growing up from my very popular last name. I was also one of the few people I knew who had 2 mn (other than my brother of course). I can think of 2 girls in highschool who had 2 and 3 middle names. (Oddly they had the same first and last names.) So they were sometimes called by their first name and first mn initial. I plan on giving my kids 2 middle names mainly because I have 2. My husband doesn’t really see the point in 2 names but it gives us the opportunity to honour relatives since we are only planning on having 2 children. (We are still TTC) I want my children to have their “own” first names and then we can honour family with the mn.
The only thing I don’t like about 2 middles is that on most forms they only recognize 1. My credit card had my first mn initial and not my second. I argued with them about it but they wouldn’t budge so I just had them remove it. My main ID though (passport and driver’s license) have both.
I think it really is personal preference but with my love of names I’m not sure I could pick just 1 middle. I know a lot of people who think 2 is silly but everyone is entitled to their opinion.