Are we allowed to post links to other sites for discussion?

I know we technically can post a link. What I mean is, is it allowed to post a link to say a news article or a blog on another site to start a discussion here about a topic, that is name related of course.

I think, yes.

I should think so x


Yes. The only thing not allowed is a post that says Nameberry sucks , use this other site instead!


I’d never say that! Nameberry is the best! (I’m sure all the other sites are alright, but nameberry is by far my personal favorite)

I think we can.


I went to one other site the same time I joined Nameberry and got snark from the start. It was like high school cliques. I never went back after the first day. Nameberry is a wonderful community of friendly people.


So pleased to hear you say that @Hypatia_Hellene :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: That’s always the goal here.

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In part because we have such awesome moderators/administrators! :smiley: I really love how the mods and admin on this site are very kind and understanding and really engage with the community, as opposed to lots of other places where I feel like sometimes they can be sorta aloof and disconnected. really appreciate you guys