Are you a lurker, if so why?

See the results of this poll: Lurkers please let me know why you lurk and if one of the options is you please vote.

Respondents: 24 (This poll is closed)

  • I am a first time visitor to nameberry and just wanted to get the feel of the site: 1 (4%)
  • I am a casual lurker : 9 (38%)
  • I am an every day lurker: 7 (29%)
  • I lurk trying to find the perfect name for my baby : 3 (13%)
  • I lurk because I am too shy to post my opinion: 3 (13%)
  • I lurk because I don’t want to get involved: 1 (4%)

I thought it was funny that this post had 60 views and no repsonses. Typical lurkers! :lol: Personally, I don’t respond becasue I’m on the boards so infrequently that I know I won’t follow up.

katybug you are so right, hardly anyone is willing to share with us! Please lurkers let us in on the reason you lurk. I have often wondered.

I voted as a casual lurker - however I’m starting to get more involved now that I have more free time!

Haha! Funny, but not all that surprising, that there are very few responses! :wink: Of course it may have a little to do with the forum this is posted in - I know for myself I don’t check this particular one very often, but spend more time on the “what names are you considering for your baby”, and the “girls’ names” formums. I voted casual lurker. For the most part it’s because I don’t have a lot of time, but when I have a few minutes I love to read the posts and see the names everyone else likes. When I have plenty of time, I do usually comment, and every now and then I put up my own post. I [name]LOVE[/name] being able to get the opinions of those of you here on nameberry! :slight_smile:
Great question by the way - interested to hear from the rest of you!!! :slight_smile:

I haven’t really considered myself a lurker since I made a userID to comment and such. I haven’t started any of my own threads as I’m still about 18-24 months away from having anything to name and my husband won’t talk seriously about it until then. I’m on here daily, so that’s what I’ve voted. :slight_smile:

I lurk mostly because I love names. DH and I are TTC, but I don’t want to post about names until the is a real baby to name.

I’m a teen name lover that lurkers everyday! I’m pretty shy so I usually don’t post. I started a topic once but only one person ever replied so I haven’t really posted since then. But I still love looking around here!!

I am the ultmate lurker! i just got into nameberry, and now i love to read all the old blog posts and message boards. But i’m on here whenever i have free time… names are just so mwuch fun. I also don’t useally login, i like to get right into the lits and what not. So that might add to it… plus i’m a bad speller. It’s embarresing to post!

[name]Kinda[/name] feel like the label “lurker” is a bit creepy, but I applied it to myself anyway! I voted casual lurker because I post on a few threads, whenever I feel like I have something substantial to add, or a strong opinion one way or another. Plus I visit in waves, so I don’t follow up on them a ton.

I’m not super serious about nailing down names for my own use since my hubby and I are planning to wait another year or so before trying for kiddo #1. Also, we really need to nail down our style, since we’re all over the place, so I lurk for inspiration. If you’re interested on weighing in on our (mostly my) laundry list of “love em” names you can vote here: I have added the meanings in the nickname spot, since I like the idea of a theme around name meanings as well as styles. :smiley: