Are you a twin or triplet?

I don’t have any twins or multiples in my family. I’m just curious…

What is it like to be a multiple? [name_f]Do[/name_f] you feel a much closer connection than with your other siblings?

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I’m a twin (and am now expecting twins myself). I have a twin brother. I can’t compare it with having any other siblings, since I only have two stepbrothers apart from him who are much older. But when I look at other people around us, I’d say we’re definitely more close than most siblings are. When I was growing up my twin brother was my best friend, and he still is. We did everything together as children. We went to school together and were in the same class until we were 18. We played together, had the same friends until the age of 12, played music together (I played the violin and he played the piano). We had some difficult times as children, with our parents’ divorce that wasn’t exactly amicable, moving to another country, having a not-so-great stepfather… We were always there for each other. Until the age of 14 I think we were hardly ever apart. People thought of us as inseparable.

He’s still my best friend, the first one I go to if I’m sad or confused or have good news to share. We lived quite some distance apart for a few years, and it was hard. A few months ago he came to live with us for a while because he had nowhere else to go, and now he’s living in the same street as us. I can honestly say it makes me feel so much better to have him close by.


I’m a twin, and my sister is the greatest gift my parents ever gave me. She has always been my best friend, my person, my closest confidant. We’re fraternal so we don’t have any special twin powers, but we still get along really well and have never fought even once. As adults, we still talk every day. We’re complete opposites, but our values are largely the same, and that’s what matters. :heart:


I’m a twin, g/b fraternal. And I have 3 other siblings.

I’d say I’m closer with my older sister at the moment because we share a room when she’s not at college and I feel like I can talk to her about school and stuff more than my brother, who is actually involved in whatever I’m probably complaining about :sweat_smile:. We also have kind of different interests now too. Sure, we’re in the same grade and have a lot of memories just us together, but I honestly think of him as just another sibling. Not that that means I don’t love him, and we probably will get closer once we’re in different colleges, but sometimes relationships need a bit of distance and being a multiple doesn’t really give you that.

I definitely prefer having a brother over having a twin sister though because there is less comparison really. Same gender twins get compared a lot, and in my experience different gender ones can kind of slip under the radar for people.

I love this question. :blush: I’m not a twin myself but I do have 2 year old fraternal twin boys. I know every relationship is unique but I do wonder how they might feel about being twins as they get older.

I am a twin (not a mom though but just saw this thread pop up). [name_f]My[/name_f] sister and I are fraternal and there are no other siblings. People are usually surprised we are twins because we don’t look alike. We were very close as kids, constantly playing together but were less close in our teenage years. Now that we are in our 20’s we are close again. We may not be best friends but we are always there for each other and that’s what matters. We always had our own friends, there was some sharing of friend groups but one was always closer to the friends in question than the other. We have different personalities and different interests. I’m thankful our parents let us be our own people and didn’t dress us alike outside of when we were babies. There was some family that treated us as the same or as one person when we were kids and that was a pain. It’s weird how much non-twins are fascinated by twins. When I went to college, sometimes I didn’t mention I was a twin , not on purpose but just because I forgot it wasn’t obvious because we weren’t at the same school anymore! And people would always be surprised when I mentioned it in conversation weeks or months later. As for being closer than other siblings, I think it depends. I don’t have any other siblings but I have some friends with non-twin siblings that are closer than my sister and I.

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I’m a twin! (Also currently pregnant with twins)
I am the older one by 12 minutes and we are very close. We look similar but we are not identical so we aren’t confused for each other. Growing up I loved having my sister because we were inseparable and I loved having someone around all the time. We are still very similar and even have similar jobs (I’m a dancer and she’s a personal trainer) and live close to each other.

I never really had negative experiences except for some people treating us as one person. For example my twin sister doesn’t eat beans so whenever we were given a meal, they would assume because one didn’t like beans, the other didn’t as well but It didn’t bother me that much.

Overall I love being a twin because you have someone who you feel incredibly connected to and who can share your life with you.