Are you good or bad at ...?


Trusting your gut instinct?

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Pretty good at it by now!

Flamenco dancing?

I’ve never tried, but I’d probably be very bad

Memorizing things?

Absolutely horrible :rofl:

Cuddling with your pet?

Yep. It’s what I do all day long!

Looking after babies?

Well I am good on holding them when they are happy…

On giving advice?

Excellent. It’s a key part of my career :sweat_smile:

Improv comedy?

Depends on the audience, but typically yes.

Pushing buttons?

In every way.

Tandem bicycling?

I haven’t tried but I assume bad.

reading sheet music?

Not so good anymore. I need to take piano again.


Yes, when I have the time!

Trusting people?

Trusting those I trust, good. Knowing the difference, excellent.


hahaha, bad. I always have to get my dad or brother to fix it :sweat_smile:

Unscrewing tight lids?

I struggle a lot.


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I love it more than I am better at it

Roller blading?

I can’t anymore becuase my knee can’t take it, but when I could I was good.

Lettuce shredding?

I’ve never tried it

Playing guitar?


Tightrope walking?

I highly, highly doubt it.