Are you named after someone special?

As I explained to someone before, I am not. But, I feel so left out because my sisters tottally are!

I am oldest of three girls, and the one thats just a year younger is Jara [name]Kristina[/name]. What do you think of it? Jara was my mothers best friends name in middle school. She said things didnt work out, so why would you want to name your kid after her? Anyway, thats how she got her first name. Jara wasnt really supposed to have a middle name, well my mom didnt want her to. The reason I have one ([name]Bella[/name] with middle name [name]Maryanne[/name]) is because my parents both had favourite names. But then my grandma told her that she should have a middle name, and my mothers sisters name was [name]Chrystina[/name], so she used that but changed the spelling.

The next one is [name]Aoife[/name] [name]Miley[/name], NOT named after [name]Miley[/name] [name]Cyrus[/name]. I still dont like the name [name]Aoife[/name], but [name]Miley[/name] is ok(I like Jara though, i wish mom chose that for me) It bothers me to say [name]Aoife[/name] all the time, but anyway, it was my fathers best friends daughters middle name([name]Chrissa[/name] [name]Aoife[/name]). [name]Aoife[/name] is six, so [name]Miley[/name] [name]Cyrus[/name] was born before the girl. BUT, my mom chose [name]Miley[/name] because it was the name of a person in Jaras class when she was in second grade and apparently my mom always liked it.

So, what do you think of me and my sisters names, and were you named after anyone special?

Oh yeah, and my mom just said that if she ever had a daughter she would name it [name]Caylen[/name](Not [name]Caitlyn[/name], [name]Caylen[/name]) and the middle name would be [name]Grace[/name].

[name]Tata[/name] 4 now,

Nope, not really.