Are you nice enough to ...?

then suggest the next one

i will start
help your neighbor mow their lawn

Yeah, if they paid me xD I actually recently learned how to mow the lawn, I imagine I’d be happy to help since all of my neighbors are pretty nice

Let your little sibling watch your TV show with you?


of course! (not like she’d want to watch TV with me though lol)

travel a long distance (e.g. 1 hour) to see a good friend?

i mean i do that regularly - a lot of my friends live quite far out of my city

miss a party to help a friend study ?

Sure, though none of my friends need help lol.

Write notes for a friend who missed them?

Yeah, my teachers are always on my case trying to get me to write notes more often anyway lol

Lend your friend your favorite book?


Hold the door open for 15 people?

absolutely, i would

tutor someone you disliked?

Maybe, if it was on something like Greek mythology, since when I talk about that it doesn’t really matter who I’m teaching xD

Finish a book you disliked the beginning of, which your friend recommends?

No. I’d look up a book summary and lie about finishing it, though, lol

Help a lost kid find their mom?

Absolutely! I can’t even imagine not wanting to help that kid.

Go by a nickname when another person of your same name shows up at your school?

Yes, I don’t like my real name anyways.

Let someone copy off your test?

No, I don’t think it’s nice to cheat, and no one would cheat off me anyway

Take the blame for something you didn’t do?

I do sometimes, for my sister, although more often it’s lying and saying I saw her brush her teeth lol

Lie for someone?

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Yes if I like them lol

Let someone sleep in your room for a night?

Yes if I know them well

Donate a large sum of money?