Are you proud of your town's ...?

then suggest the next one

i will start

Not really. It started off as a damaged town, full of weird people. It was known for being dirty and poor-looking.
Then there was a huge argument between the grocery stores and customers, because the shops started selling heaps of different meats, and the customers were all Vegetarian and vegan. So they went on strike and refused to buy anything from the shops till they got rid of the meat. But the stores couldn’t do that since they would lose a lot of money. So instead, most of the people in the town moved away!!!
Now my town has normal people, and is kind of know as the ‘Posh area’. (Or at least the area of the town I’m in.) Sorry for the ramble lol.


Mostly. During covid the best of people really came out with a phoneline for anyone who was lonely to chat to someone and lots of people offering to deliver shopping. [name_f]My[/name_f] street had a large turn out for the clapping for the NHS that we did here (in the UK) which seems so odd now but was really heartwarming at the time.

Attitude towards the environment?

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yes, i live in a national park so i feel like people here take it more seriously than others


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