Are your friendship group the sort of people who..?

then suggest the next one

i will start
regularly fallout with each other



All be interested in vastly different things?

Not really. Most of us are very similar. But there ARE a few a little different.

Go out as often as possible?


go to concerts together?


have sleepovers with eachother?

Not really

know each other’s food orders?

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Sort of!

[name_m]Hug[/name_m] a lot?

absolutely! :sob:

are very updated on each other’s lives?

I would say so

Bicker but then make up by the next day?

No, we don’t really bicker much. At least, not with any malice!

Wear each other’s clothes?

(Also. I love your profile picture, @EllArePea ! I recognized those girls and that exact scene right away! I loved watching that show! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:)

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No, we all live far apart and have different body shapes and styles.

Send each other daily affirmations and “good mornings!”?

not really

all do the same sport/after school activity?


Would cover for each other no matter what?

@snowmaiden thank you so much! I love it too, I’m so pleased to find out I’m not the only one

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Probably not

Know everything about eachother?


Does everyone in your friend group like names?

Nope. Only one. Everyone else thinks we’re weird lol.

Use false names when they go out?

Nope. It’s actually the opposite!! We use names we’ve either given to each other or given ourselves when together, and we have our parent-given names for home and public

Who are ALL into the same thing? (ex. piece of media like marvel or musicals, art, orchestra, sports, that sort of thing)

Most love writing, reading, and acting like me, so I guess yes.

Get jealous easily?

Probably split 50/50 on this one.

Like playing games together? (board, video, card, etc.)

Yep! We can get into hours and hours of Risk! [name_u]Or[/name_u] video games lol.

Dance in the middle of the shops?