Are your friendship group the sort of people who..?

Not really

Enjoy intense debates about really silly/insignificant things? (eg how to pronounce the word “scone”)

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Yes lol

Loves taking pics and videos together?

I would do that all the time if I had friends.

Like to talk about your pets?

Yes. One of my friends that’s basically what we text just pictures of our dogs

Text a lot?

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No, we never text really. We’re just not phone people when we’re around each other. Same when we’re apart. When we are together it’s like nothing has changed. Vibes are the best!

Go camping together ?

Sadly no! We probably would if our parents let us though. :laughing:

[name_u]Love[/name_u] going shopping together just to try on outfits but never actually buy anything?

Not at all, we only go clothes shopping if one us actually needs something

Does a lot of arts and crafts?

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Yes, I knit and crochet, and a lot of my friends draw/paint

Have nicknames for each other that you use more than your actual ones?

One of my groups has around half the members already going exclusively by nicknames, and another, yes, we use nicknames for each other far too often.

Study together?

Not really. Unless it was studying scripts for drama? Then yes.

Have twenty different accounts on Instagram (Or any other sort of social media)

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