Thoughts on [name]Arista[/name]?

I know the ‘aristocrat’ connotation might come across as pretentious and may throw some people off, but I think that the link to names of thinkers such as [name]Aristotle[/name] and Aristophanes is kind of cool. (That’s what made me think of it, to be honest, because they happened to be a clue in a crossword puzzle I was doing.)

So, [name]Arista[/name]?

I like Uhwrrisstuhh much better

I want to like it, since I’m a huge fan of [name]Ari[/name] as a nn, but [name]Arista[/name] has never really appealed to me. Not because of the aristocrat thing, either–it just feels a bit incomplete to me. What about [name]Araminta[/name]? It has a similar feel to me, but gets rid of the aristocrat thing (although, it also gets rid of [name]Aristotle[/name] and Aristophanes…).

I love [name]Araminta[/name] as well! I suppose my concern with [name]Araminta[/name] is that it seems sort of heavy and as if it might be difficult to wear. I thought of [name]Aminta[/name] as a way to get around that, but I asked about that here a while back and it go shot down. Maybe [name]Araminta[/name] with [name]Aminta[/name] as a nickname could work.

In response to yooneekk … I wonder why we’ve been getting so many trolls lately? It’s really strange. There’s been a huge influx all of a sudden. I half-suspect that it’s all the same person, to be honest.

My first thought was [name]Arista[/name] Records. I don’t know whether it even exists anymore, but that’s where my mind went!

[name]Araminta[/name] is pretty but seems like a mouthful to me. I greatly dislike the nickname [name]Ari[/name] (a niece goes by this) because it’s what my sister and I call our areolas! hahahaha

In regards to yooneekk, when I notified the admins about “kalin” I suggested they ban the IP address rather than just the user, but I’m guessing that didn’t happen since she/he/it signed up under another username (which is what I expected).

[name]Arista[/name] is nice. I thought first of Aristocrat but when I read the post, I agree that the connection to the great thinkers is hard to ignore. I like it for that, now that you’ve mentioned it. :slight_smile:

Like the sound of [name]Arista[/name], but I also thought of the record label- my mind didn’t go towards ‘aristocrat’ until i read that…didn’t think of [name]Aristotle[/name] either! [name]Just[/name] the record label. I like the sound better than [name]Araminta[/name] which makes me think of [name]Arabella[/name] (For both I picture a stuck up rich toddler summering on [name]Martha[/name]'s Vineyard or an eccentric British socialite with crunchy bleached out hair!)

Funny how we have different connotations linked with names. [name]Araminta[/name]/[name]Aminta[/name] makes me think English countryside, perhaps a playmate for [name]Elizabeth[/name] [name]Bennet[/name].

I like it but then again I plan on using the very similar Aristide as a mn should I ever have a boy so names like that appeal to me.

This is probably the most obscure reference for a name, but the name [name]Arista[/name] reminds me of one of [name]Ariel[/name]'s sisters from The [name]Little[/name] Mermaid. It’s not a bad association for me, really, just kind of there I guess. I like it a lot more than [name]Araminta[/name] though. To me, [name]Araminta[/name] is too long and fussy

ahhh when they list the names in that song in The [name]Little[/name] Mermaid! Now I need to rewatch or find a list of those names!

I personally love it. It’s the name of one of [name]Ariel[/name]'s sisters in The [name]Little[/name] Mermaid.

Aristocrat is not even a big deal to me, it’s so easy to brush of because of the other Disney movie Aristocats.
Some people think of the record company, which I wasn’t even aware existed.

I stand by liking [name]Arista[/name], and would likely use it as a middle name.

I prefer [name]Araminta[/name] and know one who uses [name]Minty[/name] as a nickname which isn’t stuck-up sounding at all.

I like [name]Aurora[/name], [name]Arielle[/name], [name]Ariella[/name], [name]Amaryllis[/name], and [name]Amarantha[/name] more than I like [name]Arista[/name], but admittedly I’d probably call them [name]Rory[/name], [name]Elle[/name], [name]Ella[/name], and [name]Amy[/name] for short sometimes. I do like [name]Azalea[/name] but it has no easy nickname which is a plus for some but a strike for me.

I really want to like it, but I just think of ‘wrist’ whenever I hear it. Not necessarily bad, but I wish I didn’t hear it that way