Arlo Alexander Ashdown - What do you think?

What is your immediate instinctive reaction to the name [name]Arlo[/name] [name]Alexander[/name] Ashdown? Thanks, [name]Jessie[/name]

My immediate reaction is: [name]Jessie[/name] really likes the letter “A” and alliteration!!! :slight_smile: I do find the combo a bit much with [name]Alexander[/name] in the middle but it’s still usable if [name]Alexander[/name] has special meaning for you. I must say I do think [name]Arlo[/name] Ashdown sparkles with spunk!

I stumble even trying to say it in my head. Instead of thinking how lovely the names are, I adore both [name]Arlo[/name] and [name]Alexander[/name], I think of all the As.

I have always thought of [name]Arlo[/name] has a dog name; to me it sounds like one at least. [name]Arlo[/name] [name]Alexander[/name] is a bit of a tongue twister, but I don’t mind the alliteration.

[name]Arlo[/name] Ashdown is awesome! I agree that [name]Alexander[/name] in the middle is little too much.

Thankyou very much! [name]Alexander[/name] has to stay - we have complicated family naming traditions which I won’t bore you with but means that this little ones middle will be [name]Alexander[/name]. Is the 3 A thing completely unusable? [name]Arlo[/name] is fast becoming my top favourite but I don’t want to give him a name that’s difficult to say or sounds comical! What do you think? Thankyou [name]Jessie[/name] x

Brothers are [name]Vale[/name] and [name]Flynn[/name]. Other options we are considering: [name]Briar[/name], [name]Rye[/name], [name]Sidney[/name], [name]Oakley[/name], [name]Rowan[/name], [name]Rory[/name], [name]Harley[/name] and [name]Darby[/name].

I think it’s great! At first I was like, whoa that’s a lot of As. But the A sounds are all different. I don’t have any problem saying it, and I think it’s quite handsome :slight_smile:

I forgot to say: I also love Arlo with Vale and Flynn. It’s my favorite of the names your considering, with Rory coming in as second favorite.

You know, his middle name will rarely be used, I say go for it. It’s not my favorite combination, but it honors family and you should use [name]Arlo[/name] if you love it. :slight_smile: [name]Vale[/name], [name]Flynn[/name], and [name]Arlo[/name] sound great together!

[name]How[/name] about [name]Arlo[/name] [name]Xander[/name] Ashdown?

If [name]Alexander[/name] is a family name, then go for it! [name]Vale[/name], [name]Flynn[/name] and [name]Arlo[/name] are a great team of brothers!