Arthurian name - spelling / pronunciation?

Elyzabel is an obscure name. I’d like to know how you would automatically pronounce it and what way you’d be inclined to spell it?


  • eh-LIZ-a-bel
  • eh-LIES-a-bel

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  • Elizabel
  • Elyzabel

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Thanks in advance!

Eh-liz-uh-bel would be my guess

I actually would have guessed Eh-leez-a-bel

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I’d be inclined instinctively to spell it [name_f]Elizabel[/name_f], but I do sort of prefer the look of Elyzabel! Feels quite ethereal. I’d pronounce both as eh-LIES-uh-bell.

I would say eh-leez-eh-bell. I really like the look of Elyzabel