It finally happened. Today, I met a little BOY named [name]Ashley[/name]. I’ve met a few grown men named [name]Ashley[/name] but never a little boy. I don’t know for sure how old he is but I’d say between four and six years old. I know I’m in the minority here but I really like [name]Ashley[/name] on a boy. I’d never be bold enough to use it as my son’s first name though. What do you berries think of [name]Ashley[/name] on a boy?

I love it! I just don’t think I could ever put my child in that kind of a situation. Some children would be able to pull it off (I do know a boy named [name]Kelsey[/name] who was star quarter back) and others it just might be too much to handle

I also love the name [name]Ashley[/name] for a boy. I don’t think I would be brave enough to use it, though.

I love it - could be the “Gone with the Wind” reference that steers me though… :wink:


I actually like it. It’s much more interesting on a boy than a girl. I really think that a lot of these boys names that cross over to the girls could come back again once it gets played out for girls. I think [name]Ashley[/name], [name]Kelly[/name], [name]Cary[/name], [name]Casey[/name] are a lot cooler on boys these days.

I agree. I would totally use it for a boy but not for a girl. It’s sexy and unique.

I agree (this coming from a guy whose name is [name]Kelly[/name])!

I am in the majority here: I think [name]Ashley[/name] makes for a really cute boy name. I had a huge crush on a guy named [name]Kelly[/name], once.

Me too :wink:

This is really interesting! I wasn’t expecting this response. I agree with the poster who said that names like [name]Ashley[/name], [name]Kelly[/name], [name]Carey[/name], and [name]Casey[/name] would sound very cool on a boy today. I would also like to see [name]Courtney[/name] and [name]Whitney[/name] make a comeback for boys now that they’re sounding tired and dated for girls. What do you guys think? What names that have “gone girl” would you like to see come back to the boys?

Ooh, I so wish [name]Courtney[/name] were an acceptable boy name! I think [name]Court[/name] is awesome for a boy, and really masculine. I actually love all of this group of names so much more on boys.

Where did you ladies meet all these Kellys? I’m so jealous! I had a serious crush on two unrelated guys whose last names were [name]Kelly[/name]. Oh, there’s an ex-NHLer named [name]Kelly[/name] that lives around the corner from me…he’s huge and really intimidating. I sometimes wonder if he’s so uber masculine to compensate for his name… I don’t really think so though.

Aw, I’m mourning [name]Courtenay[/name] now… In that spelling it’s a family name and it would be one I’d love to use if it weren’t so very unusable. It’s too soon, right?

I met “my” [name]Kelly[/name] at Central High School in [name]Phoenix[/name], [name]Arizona[/name] about fifteen years ago. He was kind of a jerk, but when Saved By the [name]Bell[/name] came out, I thought [name]Zack[/name] [name]Morris[/name] looked almost exactly like him. I always thought it was ironic that, on the show, [name]Zack[/name]'s girlfriend was [name]Kelly[/name]…

Cool! I love [name]Ashley[/name] for a boy. [name]Ashley[/name] is actually one of those names that I like equally for both genders.

[name]Lyndsay[/name], I totally agree with you. I know a boy named [name]Courtney[/name] (he’s 16 or 17) and I really like the name on him. He’s very laid back, super Southern and gentlemanly (if that’s a word), so maybe that’s how he gets away with it. :stuck_out_tongue: In regards to using [name]Courtenay[/name] on a boy of your own, I would wait a few years. [name]Courtney[/name] is falling really fast for girls, so I think in another 5-10 years you would be safe to use it on a boy. Other people may tell you different though.

I’ve also noticed that boys with feminized names tend to be super masculine. “My” [name]Courtney[/name] is sort of the exception to that, but the male Shannons, Kellys, Averys, Madisons, Morgans, etc that I know are all super athletic, muscular, outdoorsy handymen. I think it’s an interesting observation for sure.

I met my [name]Kelly[/name] in [name]Texas[/name]. He was a [name]Jr[/name]. [name]Lyndsay[/name], I think you could use [name]Courtenay[/name]! Family connections mask a multitude of sins, and “[name]Court[/name]” is so cute and firmly masculine.

I love it!
I think in this day and age, its almost silly for us to judge parents on “boy” or “girl” names for the “wrong” sex.
Its unique without being ridiculous (No [name]Bronx[/name] Mowglis please).
I adore “girl” names like [name]Kelly[/name], [name]Ashley[/name], [name]Casey[/name], etc… on boys

I love"boy" names like [name]Kyle[/name], [name]Sawyer[/name], [name]Finley[/name], etc… on girls.

I don’t hate it, but I wouldn’t do it – although the nickname “[name]Ash[/name]” could be quite cool. If for family reasons I HAD to give a child that name, I’d go with that. To be honest, even if we nameberries think it’s interesting, I bet the little boy would dislike it. Who knows, though.