For a boy. WDYT?

Very nice for a boy!

[name]LOVE[/name]!!! So cute!!

I love [name]Aspen[/name] for a boy or girl! That is my favorite tree, so I think it’s a beautiful name. My only problem is the starting sound. Names get shortened (sometimes accidentally) and I worry about the short form. I do love the name though, and I’m considering it in the middle spot.

For a boy, I surely don’t like [name]Aspen[/name]. I would say it sounds and in my opinion is much better for a girl!

it could work. I do know two girls named [name]Aspen[/name].

I have a sister named [name]Aspen[/name], so it’s girly to me. However, I’ve had to clarify that she’s a girl with a couple of people who’ve only read her name and are unsure of her gender.
I do think many nature names are fair game for either gender, depending on how you perceive the qualities of the object in question (i.e. an aspen tree or a river.) An aspen tree, with its slender trunk and wind-trembled leaves, does seem to me to be a more “feminine” sort of tree than, say, an oak or pine–if that makes sense.
There’s also the Norwegian boy’s name [name]Espen[/name], which is very similar.