[name_m]Hi[/name_m] there :slight_smile:

I was looking around to see if there was an asthma thread and found nothing so I decide to make this!
I find it comforting to talk about my condition and any worries or questions I may have about this so I thought it may benefit others too.

I’m [name_f]Edie[/name_f], 17 from [name_f]England[/name_f] and I have brittle (acute, severe, whatever you wanna call it) asthma. I was diagnosed at the age of 2 and my triggers are stress, anxiety, hay fever, colds, exercise and dust. I also have COPD and I am allergic to pollen and lactose. My asthma is most effected by anxiety, sometimes I become so anxious over something that I work myself into an asthma attack. Other times I can’t tell if I’m in the middle of a panic or asthma attack.

I really hope this thread takes off as I think it would be really beneficial :slight_smile:
Why not introduce yourself?
Age of diagnosis
Anything else :slight_smile:

[name_f]Edie[/name_f] x


anyone? :frowning:

[name_m]Hi[/name_m]! My name is [name_f]Megan[/name_f] :slight_smile: I’m 22 and I live in the US, but my heart and most of my family lives in the UK. I was diagnosed with asthma at age 13 when I would have trouble breathing/coughing fits at my ballet classes. My triggers are cold weather, heavy exercise (such as jogging/running) and certain strong chemicals and cleaning products. Sometimes dust and pollen if there is a lot of it. I’m allergic to most cats, certain dog breeds, rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, horses, dust mites. As it’s going into [name_f]Autumn[/name_f] I find the damp, chilly air really hard on my breathing. But, I’ve learned to manage my asthma really well, and since I was diagnosed with a mild form, I don’t need to take daily medication anymore. I do keep an inhaler, just in case. Asthma runs in my family as both my uncle and cousin had it quite severely as children, but it became more mild/better managed as they got older. So far, my daughter hasn’t shown any signs that she’s inherited it, so that’s good. The animal allergies are probably the hardest thing for me, as I’m a huge animal lover and would love to have more pets, but I can’t. I love horseback riding, but I’ve had to give it up, and I had to give away my 4 guinea pigs because I was too miserably allergic to them. I have an Australian terrier though, and he’s amazing :slight_smile: I don’t seem to be allergic to the more wire-haired breeds of dog, which is good!
This is a nice idea for a thread, by the way:)

[name_m]Hi[/name_m] [name_f]Megan[/name_f] :slight_smile:

I also do ballet, although I’m on a slight hiatus due to my breathing deteriorating :frowning: luckily I’m not allergic to animal hair as I love animals, although my younger sister is severely allergic. It’s so good to hear your asthma is well managed, I wish I could say the same for mine! Well, I do manage it but due to it being acute it never really fully eases up. That’s also brilliant to hear you no longer take medication! I take Ventolin Easi-breathe and MDI, Seretide Accuhaler, Clenil MDI, Theophylline tablets and a nebuliser too - so many! Hopefully it starts to get a bit better though :slight_smile:
I take
2 puffs of Ventolin MDI
4 puffs of Clenil MDI
1 Theophylline tablet
1 nebuliser
every morning & night,
and the Easi-breathe, Accuhaler and nebuliser if I’m having an attack, which inhaler do you have?

Thanks for the reply!

I’m 22 years old and I live in [name_m]New[/name_m] Zealand I too have asthma and I’ve had it my entire life, sadly I wasn’t one of the people that grew out of it. I take Flixotide twice a day and Ventolin when my asthma decides it wants to play up. My triggers are weather when it changes from summer-autumn and winter-spring (which effecting me now as it spring in NZ), exercise, when I get a cold and dust. My asthma isn’t too bad most of the time but when it flairs up like now my ventolin does the job. About once a year I get a bad attack which lasts a few days and it clears up with prednisone. My worst had to be this year when I couldn’t breath at all. I went to the doctors was taken straight through placed on a nebuliser. That didn’t work at all, I was then taken to the hospital and had 5 nebulisers, a blood test and chest xray. If I remember rightly my saturation levels were as low as 94%. I had to wake up every two hours and take 6 puffs of ventolin. Took two about two days to clear up it and thankfully didn’t cost me anything. Also I take a flu jab once a year which is also free for me. Having asthma really sucks.

Name: [name_f]Rhiannon[/name_f]
Age of diagnosis: 16
Triggers: pollen, anxiety, stress, cold weather
Anything else: I take a total of 4 inhalers (total of 20 puffs per day) and have a nebuliser every 12 hours. My daughter [name_f]Bluebelle[/name_f] also has acute asthma

Name: [name_f]Sofia[/name_f]
Age of diagnosis: 2
Triggers: dust, cold weather, panting(?), allergies
It’s gotten better over the years, doctors said it happens