At a complete loss 😞

What do you do when you have absolutely no idea what to name your child? There’s many girl names I think are nice, but nothing that makes me pick a definitive one. When it comes to boy names, nothing stands out at all. [name_m]Just[/name_m] when I think I’ve found one, I start to pick it apart and end up at nothing again. Who knew this would be so hard. :disappointed:


I might suggest taking a good break! Take a week of specifically not researching names, and perhaps come back with fresh eyes? It’s going to work out, I absolutely promise. Your sweet baby will have a sweet name!


Yes, take a break! Naming a human being is extremely hard! I found it to be one of the hardest things I’d done up to that point lol. It was one thing to love names. I mean, I had lists upon lists of names and combos that I thought I loved but none of them felt right for an actual human being, and then add in having to compromise with my SO it was even harder.

If after taking a break you still can’t find anything, you can consider coming up with a short list of names you like/love and wait until you see your sweet babe to see which one “fits” your little one the best.

It’ll all work out!


Definitely agree with the others! Take a step away from names for a little while then come back to your lists and see which ones still sparkle for you

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I can completely relate to what you wrote! I’m in the exact same boat. We’re having a boy and I’m just not falling in love with any boy names. We’ll get close to choosing one, then I’ll feel the need to start completely over and my whole list feels unusable. It’s so frustrating.

As others have said, it might help to take a break. Focus on something else for a week or even a few days. Then just glance over your list and see if anything stands out. Keep repeating taking a break and looking the list over as you see fit. Eventually you might notice gravitating towards one or two names over the others.

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