Athena & Persephone?

WDYT? Is it too Greek for a not Greek family?

These have more of a classical sense to me instead of being purely Greek in a nationalistic way. They are both really strong names with a ton of nerdy personality (in a good way in my book!).

I think its all good unless you use both. You might box yourself in to using only greek names & it might start to feel too much. Personally I greatly prefer Athena.
I would mix cultures - you could even use goddesses from different religions & that could be cool.

Athena & Freya
Athena & Inara
Athena & Brighid
Athena & Venus
Athena & Gaia
Athena & Niamh

OR looking at your list I love
Athena & Elowen. Just sayin’.

I agree with PPs – only if you use them together. Then it might be a bit much. Otherwise, these are both well known names and associations (I think) and so they’ve become more than just Greek names. They are full of historic and literary reference.