Aubrey or Prince for boys

Cant decide for my boy? Any help?

Really sorry but my first reaction to [name]Prince[/name] was “are you serious?, you can’t name a child that” and is definitely only suitable for ponies… I just can’t imagine how much a kid called [name]Prince[/name] would be teased. Def [name]Aubrey[/name] which I think is lovely on a boy but is quite popular as a girls name now so as long as that doesn’t bother you then go for it!. If you really must use [name]Prince[/name] then please only in the middle name spot. [name]Aubrey[/name] [name]Prince[/name] would work but I would advise you to find a different middle name. Sorry! [name]Hope[/name] you were looking for blunt honesty!

I’m also sorry to say that I have a very strong dislike for both names. I have known several [name]Aubrey[/name]'s, all of them girls. I know this name falls into the category of “stolen from the boys” but i think it’s now firmly planted in girl territory. [name]Both[/name] [name]Aubrey[/name] and [name]Prince[/name] seem like names that would bring a lot of teasing for a little boy, and I can’t imagine them on a grown man either. [name]Just[/name] something to think about.

I actually like [name]Aubrey[/name] for boys. My grandfather was named [name]Aubra[/name] which is a variation of [name]Aubrey[/name]. I think it is an awesome name.Now moving on to [name]Prince[/name]. The name [name]Prince[/name] would be a nice nn for the full name [name]Princeton[/name]. WDYT??

I agree that [name]Prince[/name] would have a lot of baggage associated with it as a name. I’m typically not a fan of ‘title’ names. Not only because of the teasing potential, but also because of the implied expectations that come with the name. I think the previous poster’s suggestions of [name]Princeton[/name] would be preferable to [name]Prince[/name], but would still carry a lot of expectations/baggage since its the name of a prestigious university.

[name]Aubrey[/name] is a name that was once used for boys, but is now almost exclusively heard on girls. If you don’t mind him having what is currently considered a ‘girls’ name, then I would recommend this over [name]Prince[/name].

[name]Aubrey[/name] is a nice name. I think it could work for a boy but it’s sooooo popular as a girls name, he might be confused as a girl. You have a chance at reviving [name]Ashley[/name] for your son.

[name]Aubrey[/name] [name]Dane[/name]
[name]Aubrey[/name] [name]Malcolm[/name]
[name]Aubrey[/name] [name]Dylan[/name]
[name]Aubrey[/name] [name]Daniel[/name]

[name]Prince[/name] is a fine name for a boy. I have grown up with a few boys named [name]Prince[/name]. It’s not popular but not unheard of. I think [name]Prince[/name] is fine. To the poster above who says “Are you serious” it’s no different than naming a boy [name]Angel[/name] or [name]King[/name].

[name]Prince[/name] [name]Maxwell[/name]
[name]Prince[/name] [name]Leonardo[/name]
[name]Prince[/name] [name]Alexander[/name]
[name]Prince[/name] [name]Michael[/name]

Which ever you think feels better and works better for you I say go for it.

[name]Prince[/name] isn’t for me, but I can certainly see the appeal. As for [name]Aubrey[/name], I really like it on a boy! I know two male [name]Aubrey[/name]'s, and they are both quite strong/masculine/athletic. I do think it might be a difficult name for a boy to pull off with all the girl [name]Aubrey[/name]'s out there, but there are tons of boys names being used for girls now, so it may not be an issue at all.