August, Sage, or Reece?

[name]Love[/name] unisex names for girls. Which one do you like most and why?

I could never see [name]August[/name] on a girl, but that might just be me. [name]Sage[/name] and [name]Reece[/name] I can see on girls…I prefer [name]Sage[/name]. [name]Reece[/name] just makes me think of Reeses Pieces and [name]Reese[/name] Witherspoon :wink: So, [name]Sage[/name] gets my vote!

Yeah [name]August[/name] is a boys only name to me, the other 2 I could see on girls :slight_smile:

I love [name]Reese[/name]! [name]Sage[/name] sounds like bouncer to me and [name]August[/name] is kind of a boy name too, besides who doesn’t think that [name]Reese[/name] Witherspoon is adorable.

I like [name]Reese[/name] for a girl or [name]Rhys[/name] for a boy.
[name]Sage[/name] for a girl.
And [name]Augusta[/name] or [name]Augustine[/name] for girl, but not [name]August[/name].
I like [name]Reese[/name] the best :stuck_out_tongue:

Out of the three, [name]Sage[/name] is the best! [name]August[/name] is definitely a boy’s name in my opinion, and [name]Reece[/name] is all right. I actually prefer it on a boy with the [name]Rhys[/name] spelling.

I am honestly a gender-specific namer, but of the three, I must say that [name]Sage[/name] seems to be the lesser of evils. [name]August[/name] is out for a girl, it has no potential to be unisex, definitely 1OO% masculine. [name]Reece[/name] is very masculine to me as well, the only think that really lifts the masculine feel at all is the soft sound toward the end and [name]Reese[/name] Witherspoon. Of the three, go for [name]Sage[/name].

I like [name]Reece[/name] because it’s the most solid. Not a huge fan of months as names. [name]Sage[/name] is cute but will it go the distance? Not sure about how that would be in high school or the business world.

[name]August[/name] is, by far, my favorite for a girl. The name evokes warmth, energy and strength: three characteristics of a great name and a wonderful woman.

I vote for [name]Sage[/name].

[name]August[/name] and [name]Reece[/name] just sound too masculine to me.

I could never see [name]August[/name] on a girl. I prefer [name]Reece[/name] over [name]Sage[/name].