Aurelio (NN Leo)

I asked about [name]Aurelio[/name] a few days back (in a list), but it’s becoming a stronger possibility, so I’d like to get some more specific thoughts about it. Thus:

  1. [name]How[/name] would you pronounce [name]Aurelio[/name]?
    aw-ray-lee-o OR aw-ree-lee-o OR oh-ray-lee-o OR oh-ree-lee-o OR something else?

  2. What are your thoughts about this name? What does it bring to mind? Upon hearing the name, would you immediately assume a specific cultural background? What kind of personality would you expect someone with this name to have (if you see names in this way)? Etc?

  3. What do you think of this name in a sib-set with a brother Rayhan (ray-hawn)(瑞晗)?

(Note for those interested in the Chinese naming process: [name]Aurelio[/name]'s Chinese name would probably be 瑞”- ray leo-(瑞 means something like ‘a good sign’ or ‘propitious’ and ” means ‘flow’ (as in a river’s flow)-- so basically means ‘the flow of a good sign’, whereas Rayhan’s Chinese name means ‘the dawn of a good sign’) they’d share the first character in Chinese, which is a common custom in [name]China[/name] among same-sex siblings)

(Note for tfzol: we discovered a third name that is also quite awesome that if we ended up unexpectedly having a third son at some point would allow us to have another ‘rui’ character… Gratian, ‘rui xin’ or ‘rui shen’ or something like this)

Thanks for the reply tf! I also like [name]Aurelius[/name] quite a lot (maybe more than [name]Aurelio[/name]), but with the Chinese pronunciation of ‘rui liu’ (ray leo) I like the idea of [name]Aurelio[/name] sounding so similar. In general though, I do like …us endings better than …o ending. I’ll have to reflect whether. And I really like the NN of [name]Leo[/name] (especially since that’d end up being him NN in Chinese too), I guess we could still do that with [name]Aurelius[/name], it’s just not quite as direct.
I also quite like Gratian, but I wouldn’t wanna use it right now I think. There’s a young American girl (about 4 years old), who lives very nearby us (same apartment complex) whose name is [name]Grayson[/name], and Gratian sounds so close to her name. Being that their family is one of only a very few foreign families living in this city, I feel it’d be weird to use that name. However, if we (unlikely) did have a third kid, there’d be a big enough age difference between them (if they even remain here, I think they plan to, but you never know) that I’d feel okay about it.

I say something like “Aw-reh-lio” just reading it but I don’t think correcting pronounciation is a difficult thing to do if people get it wrong the first try. I really like it, especially with Rayhan. The nickname [name]Leo[/name] makes it accessible and adorable. I’m a big fan! Good luck :slight_smile:

[name]LOVE[/name] [name]Aurelio[/name]
I pronounce it Aw-reel-ee-o (I’m Australian)
I think of Australian fashion designer [name]Aurelio[/name] Costarella?. I love his dresses. I know he goes by nn [name]Ray[/name] so perhaps that pronunciation is Aw-ray-lee-o
I guess I’d assume Italian origin, because of that association.