Australian versus American pronunciation

Okay so I really like [name]Elaina[/name] as a possible middle name, a lot of Berries have said they prefer [name]Elena[/name]. But in Australia it’s pronounced as it looks. Should I be bothered worrying about middle name pronunciation or is it not as significant as it’ll rarely be used?

I actually disagree with you about it’s pronunciation in Australia. I’m Australian and have always said [name]Elena[/name] like [name]Elaina[/name] and I recently met an [name]Elena[/name] who is about 18-19 and she pronounced it the same way.

It’s really a beautiful name and the [name]Elena[/name] spelling is so pretty. Stick with [name]Elena[/name] because in the middle it’s not like she’s going to have any issue with spelling or pronunciation problems anyway.

. Really? What state are your from? I find where I live everyone says things the way they are spelt.

. Really? What state are your from? I find where I live everyone says things the way they are spelt.

Really? I’ve never heard [name]Elena[/name] said eh-[name]LEE[/name]-nah. It’s always eh-[name]LAY[/name]-nah or [name]EL[/name]-en-ah… eh-[name]LEE[/name]-nah would be [name]Elina[/name] to me. I agree that if it’s a MN I would just opt for [name]Elena[/name]–it looks so much classier than [name]Elaina[/name] to me!

I looked [name]Elena[/name] up on forvo (Elena pronunciation: How to pronounce Elena in Spanish, English, Italian, Portuguese, German, Dutch, Slovak, Catalan), and the majority of them say it quite close to eh-[name]LAY[/name]-nah. There was one eh-[name]LEE[/name]-nah in [name]Canada[/name], but I think the majority of people everywhere say it eh-[name]LAY[/name]-nah…

I’d always said EH-leh-nah, until I started watching ‘The Vampire Diaries’, and now also say eh-[name]LAY[/name]-nah. Honestly, I prefer my original pronunciation of the name, so sweet and upbeat, though I do like the other pronunciation too, just not quite as much. I think most people in Australia, would indeed pronounce the name as I originally did.

That said, I prefer [name]Elena[/name] to [name]Elaina[/name]. [name]Elaina[/name] feels terribly dated, whereas [name]Elena[/name] has more of a modern feel to it. Also, as it will be a middle name, you or your daughter wouldn’t have to deal with much regarding mispronunciations, and when you did, it wouldn’t be a big deal.

If it is a mn use the spelling you like. It will rarely be used anyway.

I am an Aussie- these days more people would say it [name]El[/name]-ay-na than in the past. But I agree, many Aussies are rather phonetic when the say a name. So if you want a close to 100% hit rate for it being said as [name]El[/name]-ay-na then spell it [name]Elaina[/name].


[name]Elaine[/name] was a well known name when I grew up in the 50/60’s, pronounced as Ee lane, and I would agree with OP that the pronunciation for [name]Elaina[/name] is intuitive as [name]Elle[/name] ay nah. I think an Aussie without an ethnic origin would opt for [name]Elaina[/name] over [name]Elena[/name].


As someone with a relative named [name]Alana[/name] (pronounced uh-lay-nuh), I would pronounce [name]Elena[/name] as uh-lee-nuh. Personally, I prefer [name]Elena[/name] over [name]Elaina[/name] but, as a PP stated, if you want to make sure everyone pronounces it the same, go for the latter spelling. (I’m from the US, by the way.)

I’m in Western [name]Sydney[/name].

. I’m from SA. Here everyone I’ve asked pronounces it Eh-lee-nah unless they’ve watched Vampire Diaries.

[name]Elena[/name] is ee-lee-nuh. [name]Elaina[/name] is ee-lane-uh. I pronounce any name by it’s spelling.

^ how do you pronounce [name]Siobhan[/name]?

I’m guessing your asking me. I would read it soy-bon (bon as in bonfire). I do know that this is a Gaelic name and they are pronounced nothing like their spelled.

I think people are starting to learn that there are different spellings and pronunciations for names. We live in a country with quite a large population of Irish people and I know a lot of people with complicated Irish names. Usually people only need to be corrected once and they’ve got it and as a middle it’s a non issue. [name]Elena[/name] is perfect as a first or middle. I just feel like [name]Elaina[/name] looks too dumbed down.

. I see where you are coming from, and like you said it would only need to be corrected once. I know that the feeling of it being dumbed down is wide spread as well.


Friends grand-daughter lives in Canberra called [name]Elena[/name] and they pronounce it ‘a-lay-nuh’

I’m having trouble imagining it any other way other than eee-lay-nuh which may be your preference but the spelling change doesn’t clarify that as I have heard [name]Elaine[/name] pr eee-lane or uh-lane.

so I guess I am not immediately clear but I would go for a-lay-nuh if I was reading it out from a list

We live in the country and different spellings are generally treated with suspicion. I don’t find people go for the phonetic as much as the ‘traditional’ spelling and pronunciation so no it isn’t necessarily about how things are spelt but what people expect the name to sound like.

Yeah, but [name]Elena[/name] is Spanish. Does that not get taken in to account?

yes, it is, but how many people mispronounce names from other countries? Let alone many people spell things phonetically.

Qld here … I would say it el-eh-nah, I have a friend who is Greek and this is her pronunciation… So that’s how I say it but not knowing her I think I would still pronounce it that way. [name]Elaina[/name] is el-AY-nah to me.