Avery or Stella

Which name do u like more and why?

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avery :teddy_bear:

i love the meaning, that it’s a surname, and the spunky, genderneutral vibe. also, i’ve just never been a fan of stella.


I prefer [name_f]Stella[/name_f] because, although both have been quite popular in recent years, I think it’ll feel a little less tied to a specific generation. I also just prefer the sound

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Agree with @emeraldsea on [name_u]Avery[/name_u]! I don’t dislike [name_f]Stella[/name_f], but I really like the gender neutral style of [name_u]Avery[/name_u].


[name_f]Stella[/name_f] all the way!

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[name_f]Stella[/name_f] is lovely, though extremely common now. I do not like [name_u]Avery[/name_u] at all.

I always thought Avery was really pretty and may be a good alternative for Ava since Ava is so popular now. Nothing wrong with Stella, but I like Avery a lot more.

I think I like Estella more than Stella.

[name_f]Stella[/name_f]! It’s spunky but sweet

[name_f]Stella[/name_f] because it has special meaning behind it!

[name_f]Stella[/name_f]. I’m not a fan of gender neutral names and [name_f]Stella[/name_f] is chic, streamlined and like that starry meaning.

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Stella!! [name_u]Bright[/name_u] and pretty

I do like [name_u]Avery[/name_u] too though

[name_u]Avery[/name_u] :two_hearts: I know a lot of little Stella’s, I’m just a bit bored of it!

[name_f]Stella[/name_f]! It was one of my first name loves so it will just always hold a special place in my heart :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::sparkles:

I love [name_f]Stella[/name_f]!

[name_f]Stella[/name_f] :dizzy:

[name_f]Stella[/name_f]! I don’t care for [name_u]Avery[/name_u]. While most feel [name_u]Avery[/name_u] is gender neutral, personally I find it masculine

I love [name_f]Stella[/name_f], and don’t know any, i’m surprised others are saying it’s popular. It’s cute and spunky but also lovely for whatever age.

[name_f]Stella[/name_f]! She’s so lovely and has a great meaning!

Y’all most people are saying they like [name_f]Stella[/name_f] more but my heart is really set on [name_u]Avery[/name_u] (+ it’s a name I’ve liked for a while now) so what should I do :smiling_face_with_tear:

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I like [name_f]Stella[/name_f], it has always been on my long-list of girl names. I just find it very elegant and beautiful :rose: