Azlynn?? Espn?????

I have a facebook-friend who wins my award for most bizarre naming style. She has three children, oldest son is Espn (I swear to god, I am not making it up, I have seen pictures of this kid) her middle is Aason (I’m assuming named after his father [name]Jason[/name]) and her youngest is a girl named Azlynn. I always assumed that it was As-lynn, but she posted a video and I noticed that she pronounced it Aze-lynn. She said she gets frustrated when people mispronounce it. [name]Do[/name] you think it’s surprising that people assume as-lynn? I was trying to figure out what spelling she could have picked…maybe Aizlynn? I’m not a fan of made up names in the first place, but I think she kinda set her daughter up for a lifetime of correcting people.

I don’t see how Azlynn could be pronounced Aze-lynn. I often think that if people are going to make up names, they better be sure they have a really firm grasp of phonics and spelling. The worst I ever came across was Marktyon, pronounced [name]Mar[/name]-twon.