Babies Due October-December 2014

I am sooo tired! I am at work right now and I am taking my lunch break and all I want to do is nap, it is so hard to concentrate on doing anything.

I am definitely planning on getting extra sleep instead of being stubborn and staying up late like I usually do. Does anyone have a list of foods you can’t eat drawn up yet? I went out to sushi for my bday last night and I was SO SAD I could only have cooked things. That’s going to be the hardest for me, because I love raw fish and we have been eating sushi once a week or so.

From the interwebs, I’ve come up with the following things to avoid:

Raw/undercooked fish, meat, and eggs (including raw dough)
Smoked fish and meat products
[name_m]Fish[/name_m] with high levels of mercury, including shark, swordfish, king mackerel, and tilefish (golden or white snapper)
[name_m]Deli[/name_m] luncheon meats and hot dogs unless they have been cooked to steaming hot, including salami and other cured meats
Any type of jerky
Unasteurized dairy (I just found out that Trader [name_m]Joe[/name_m]'s “slicing brie” is pasteurized. Yay!)
Raw sprouts or any unwashed produce, especially lettuce and cabbage
Prepared salads or salad bar
Unpasteurized or “fresh squeezed” juice
Herbal Tea

low-mercury seafood to 12oz. per week, including up to 6oz. of canned tuna
caffeine to 12oz. per day

Anyone have any others they’ve found or been told by their doctor?

I haven’t made a list, but I’ve been really careful about what I eat. No sushi devastates me. I had to order a burger the other day well - ugh. I usually go medium, but after some frantic googling I decided I better err on the side of caution. Cold cuts are causing more of a problem than I’d imagined, since we were at DH’s aunt and uncle’s home and they offered us some sandwiches to take with us on the road and my husband was like, “Oh, she’s not much of a cold cuts person.” Might as well just say that I have no soul. Gosh. The idea of hot lunch meats, though, makes me want to gag. Salad bar is going to be a killer, too. Sigh.

I’m just doing what I did last time. Though all raw meat seems to make me gag…lovely. I didn’t have morning sickness with [name_m]Gabe[/name_m], but this last week I’ve been finding that I get nauseous every time I get hungry. [name_f]My[/name_f] boobs are killing me, and I realized today that one is sooo much bigger than the other with this whole enlarging. It’s never been this pronounced before.

I’m crossing my fingers really hard that I don’t get morning sickness too bad - my sister could barely keep anything down during all three of her pregnancies. I told my family about the positive test already - just mom, dad and sister, but when are you all planning on telling people? 12 weeks? 16? I’m thinking after my first ultrasound.

[name_f]My[/name_f] sister knows and some of the people I work with, but the rest of our family will find out at 12 weeks.

I wouldn’t go crazy about eliminating things, just be aware. The worst for me is wine and sushi. I’m sad about the no raw but maybe we’ll go our for it and I’ll get the cooked kind but I’m just avoiding it altogether for now. No soft cheese doesn’t really bother me because I hate blue cheese and everything similar, and I did find a pasteurized brie so that’s good. I’m also not really into lunch meat anyway because of the nitrates so I already avoid it. I wouldn’t eliminate all herbal tea, some can be really good. [name_u]Red[/name_u] rooibos for instance is naturally caffeine free and really good for pregnancy. I drink that, ginger tea (good for digestion and may help with morning sickness which luckily I don’t have yet), and I have decaf green tea too. Dandelion root is also good and I find it helps ease constipation. [name_m]Just[/name_m] look out for ingredients that’s all.

We told our parents and siblings but no one else until 12-13 weeks. Vday was my mom’s bday so I couldn’t resist.

So far only our parents, my sister, and grandmother know within the family. We told a couple of close friends in the area in case things went bad, I’d have some support (since our family is nowhere close to us, geographically). Oh, and I told my boss. We’ll tell the rest of the family probably around 12 weeks, or maybe sometime after my next appointment if I can’t wait that long haha.

As for my appointment today, it was so lame! Basically just filled out paperwork and had blood drawn. I didn’t even see a doctor. Sigh. But my next appointment which is an ACTUAL appointment and not some class is on [name_u]March[/name_u] 4th (so around 10 weeks). Ahhh I can’t wait!

@[name_f]July[/name_f] that stinks! I would think they would at least do an ultrasound. When I called my OB (who I love, she’s definitely on the same page as I am), I was given 2 appts. [name_f]My[/name_f] first will be on [name_f]Mar[/name_f] 3 and it will just be the ultrasound and probably a blood draw and urine test. [name_f]My[/name_f] 2nd appt is for [name_f]Mar[/name_f] 10 and that is the one where I get to sit and talk to my doc. She’s great because she’s not like the typical American doctor that is impersonal, examines you for 2 min and leaves, my last annual she sat and talked to me for at least 30 min BEFORE that actual exam!

@[name_f]Katie[/name_f], I’m jealous! Unfortunately military hospitals can be pretty impersonal… but hey, it’s free? I guess that’s the upside haha. I’m glad that at least all my bloodwork and urine sample was taken today so the results will be ready for the appointment!

So I’m having some brown discharge this evening. I called the nurses hotline. She said I’m probably fine so I’m trying not to freak out. It’s hard though. [name_f]My[/name_f] first appointment isn’t until [name_u]March[/name_u] 12. It feels like forever and I think it will mostly paperwork.

Eek, I hope everything is okay @lookingahead. As far as I know, I think brown is okay, but if it’s bright red that’s something to worry about. Thinking of you!

@lookinghead that would probably freak me out a bit too although I know many women experience this in the first trimester. Did you have anything like that with your first? This is my first so it still seems surreal. I feel like it won’t completely set in until I see the ultrasound lol.

[name_f]Tuesday[/name_f] night I woke up in the middle of the night with extreme pain in my abdomen that I never felt before. I have severe menstrual cramps normally and this was a different pain, almost like a burning. Needless to say it scared me. I went to the bathroom, thankfully no spotting, then to relieve the pain I got into a yoga pose that usually relaxes me and TMI, it helped me release some gas. The pain started to dissipate and eventually went away. I guess it was just gas pain, thankfully, but it was so intense I couldn’t believe that’s what caused it.

I’m starting to get a bit of gas and heartburn which is causing some stomache pain, too.

I also have a light cramping feeling every time I move, which the advice nurse says is totally normal. I’ve been super hungry the last two days - it seems like no matter what size meal I eat, I’m hungry 2 hours later, so I’m trying just to eat small, healthy meals throughout the day.

Not being able to tell everyone is driving me crazy! We’re probably telling hubby’s parents next week because they’re the only local support I really have, but wait til after 12 weeks for everyone else

Yeah I’m fine today. I didn’t have anything like this with [name_m]Gabe[/name_m]. It is quite the different experience. I might as well be pregnant for the first time. This is completely different.

I hear you on the food thing moonkai. I’m hungry all of the time and simultaneously nauseous. Ugh, how can something so tiny be so disrupting! :wink:

So now I have a fever because I caught the illness that my son had this week. [name_m]Just[/name_m] what I need now…

@lookingahead [name_f]Glad[/name_f] the discharge was nothing to worry about, but sorry about the fever! I’m sure that must really suck. :frowning:

I complained to my sister (who has had 2 kids already) last night about how I was tired of feeling nauseous every time I eat something because let’s be honest, that got old REALLY fast. She wasn’t much of a comfort, haha, she told me I still had a while to go until I felt better. But at least it was good to talk to her, because I think DH doesn’t quite understand how I can be almost perpetually nauseous…

Yay @lplafleur and @moonkai!! I remember you both from the TTC 2014 thread, what a great birthday present! And congrats to all you other expecting mommies!!

I’m currently 6 weeks pregnant with my first, I’ve estimated the due date to be 10/17/14. I’m hoping to be able to take 10-12 weeks off, which would be perfect in allowing me to stay home for baby’s first holidays! It’s strange thinking that I’ll be a mom by Halloween… It still hasn’t fully sunk in yet!

We wanted to wait til after our first doctors appointment which was Tuesday to tell our parents, so tomorrow is the big announcement. This is the first grand baby for both sides, so I really wanted to do it in person! We’ll wait til after the first trimester is over to tell everyone else, unless I start showing and I’ll have to tell my boss.

I’ve got the sore breasts, mood swings and exhaustion, and so far no nausea but it’s still pretty early. I haven’t really started having any cravings yet, but it’s been really hard to give up my wine! It doesn’t help that I stocked up the night before I got my BFP, we got about a foot of snow so I thought it would be a good idea… Now it’s just taunting me!! Hopefully my sister will take it off my hands once we tell her tomorrow lol.

Congrats and welcome jdouglas!

So I woke up this morning and my fever had dissipated which was good, but then I peed and I had dark red spotting. I called the nurses hotline and they told me to come into the ER and get checked out. It was a rough morning. [name_f]My[/name_f] hubby had just gotten home from an overnight shift so I had to go by myself. That was weird because he’s never missed anything related to pregnancy before. Instead he was home, exhausted and worried, texting me instead of sleeping.

They took a bunch of blood but everything came back really good. I had a formal ultrasound and there is a heartbeat. I could see [name_u]Baby[/name_u]'s little head and everything. I wish my son could have been there. He’s so excited, but this is also very abstract for him. So everything came back okay. I was given a list of things to watch for and I’m supposed to have a follow up in a couple of days with my doctor.

@lookingahead That must have been rough but the upside is that you got to have an ultrasound and see the little heartbeat.

I can’t wait for my first ultrasound. [name_f]My[/name_f] official one at the ob’s office is [name_u]March[/name_u] 3, but hubby is a cardiovascular ultrasound tech. Tomorrow he is bringing me to the school he went to to give me an unofficial ultrasound. Like I said he does cardiovascular and not abdominal so it probably won’t be a great picture but I am super excited anyway. It is still early but we should be able to hear the heartbeat if he gets a good angle. Hopefully I will have an update tomorrow!