Baby #2 -- big brother Kellen -- what do you think of these?

We just found out we are having #2! Our first son’s name is [name]Kellen[/name]. What do you think of these as a sibling?


[name]Margaret[/name] ([name]Mae[/name])

Open to middle name suggestions as well! Thanks in advance!

[name]Brighton[/name]-I like this name quite a bit. It’s actually the name of an area near where I live so it seems a little strange for me to think of it as a name, but it has a nice sound and I think it goes well with [name]Kellen[/name].
[name]Ammon[/name]-It’s not one of my favorites but I do like that it sounds different from [name]Kellen[/name]. [name]Even[/name] though they both end in N the “on” sounds quite a bit different from “en”
[name]Soren[/name]- again not one of my favorites but there’s nothing wrong with it.
[name]Tobin[/name]- I like this one a lot. It’s definitely my favorite from you list.

[name]Margaret[/name] ([name]Mae[/name])- very cute and classic. [name]Margaret[/name] is very different in style from [name]Kellen[/name] but [name]Kellen[/name] and [name]Mae[/name] sound cute together.
Niyah- [name]Do[/name] you pronounce this Ny-uh? It’s pretty and I don’t think I’ve ever heard it before.
[name]Moira[/name]- cute. Are you pronouncing it Moy-ra or Mor-uh? (I’ve seen it both ways.) I think it sounds really nice with [name]Kellen[/name].
[name]Tobin[/name]- I really prefer this as a boy’s name

I love, love, love [name]Brighton[/name]! [name]Kellen[/name] and [name]Brighton[/name] go well together too. So that is easily my vote for a boy. [name]Tobin[/name] would be my second favorite.

For a girl, I’m not sure you’ve found a good match with big brother yet.
[name]Margaret[/name] doesn’t really go - too old fashioned and grown up compared to the playful [name]Kellen[/name]. I agree with pp that [name]Mae[/name] fits with [name]Kellen[/name] better.
Niyah - I’m not familiar with this name but it is pretty. My only thought is that it is a little more unusual than [name]Kellen[/name] but that’s not necessarily a negative
[name]Moira[/name] - my favorite of your girl options
[name]Tobin[/name] - I don’t really see this for a girl

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Good luck!

Thanks for the input!

I think we are down to [name]Brighton[/name] and [name]Tobin[/name] for a boy! [name]Soren[/name] is a family name, could always be a backup.

For girls, I am falling in love with [name]Teagan[/name] but when I googled it a lot of sites say it’s a boys name. Is it too masculine for a girl? I love Teags as a nickname!

[name]Margaret[/name]'s is an OLD favorite, way before we picked [name]Kellen[/name] and it’s after some ladies who are very dear to us. But she would definitely go by [name]Mae[/name]!

Oops forgot to answer some questions!

[name]Moira[/name] would br moy-ra for sure.

Niyah is Ny-a. I’ve heard it a couple times and just love it. A lot of [name]Maia[/name]/[name]Maya[/name] and [name]Kaia[/name]/Kaiyas right now though and I’m not a fan of really trendy names so I’ve been worrying about that.

[name]Love[/name] [name]Ainsley[/name] but have a friend whose daughter is [name]Ainsley[/name] so can’t do that. Wish I could!

I love [name]Tobin[/name] for a boy and it’s a great fit with [name]Kellen[/name]! [name]Brighton[/name] is nice too, but I think [name]Tobin[/name] fits better.

I also love [name]Teagan[/name] for a girl! As I’ve seen it, I think it’s pretty unisex.

(Are you pronouncing it tee-gun or tay-gun? I always forget which is which for [name]Teagan[/name] and [name]Tegan[/name].)

[name]Teagan[/name] [name]Margaret[/name] would be a pretty choice (or [name]Teagan[/name] [name]Mae[/name]).

I’m thinking Tee-gun unless I’m totally wrong! :slight_smile:

I think I’d assume [name]Brighton[/name] was a girl.

[name]Just[/name] wanted to mention I know of two little girls named [name]Brighton[/name].
I do think it’s a great name, though!

Good luck-