Baby #8 was born!

On [name_u]July[/name_u] 30th our last baby was born healthy and beautiful. She was 7lbs 8oz and is loved by her many brothers and sisters. We ended up naming her [name_f]Birdie[/name_f] Odeya. [name_f]Birdie[/name_f] is after my mom who goes by [name_f]Birdie[/name_f], but is actually named [name_f]Roberta[/name_f]. (I just couldn’t get on board with [name_f]Roberta[/name_f] but love [name_f]Birdie[/name_f]). Odeya (Oh-day-ah) is a Hebrew name we found that means give thanks to God, since we thought she might have health complications but ended up being fine. We love her name. Thanks for all the advice and insight over the past few months berries!


Congratulations! I love the name [name_f]Birdie[/name_f] Odeya!

Congratulations, very sweet name!

Congratulations! I love the meaning behind little [name_f]Birdie[/name_f]'s name :slight_smile:

[name_f]Birdie[/name_f] is so sweet! [name_f]Lovely[/name_f] combo, congratulations.

Congratulations! Her name is so pretty.

I love how meaningful her name is. Congrats!

congrats on making it to #8! I have a dear friend named “[name_m]Adaiah[/name_m]” pronouced the same… as your middle name choice. [name_u]Love[/name_u] all the meaning behind her name!

Such a sweet name and lovely meanings too! Congratulations!

Odeya is pretty. :slight_smile:

@skylerros This is from 2 years ago.

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Wow! [name_f]My[/name_f] younger sister is my mothers 8th child and was born on [name_u]July[/name_u] 30th too! Congraulations!