Baby Berries due April-June 2022

[name_m]Hi[/name_m] all, I’m due [name_f]April[/name_f] 3rd about to start the 21st week of my pregnancy! We had a perfectly normal 20 week anatomy scan and excited for some baby/first time mom talk. We’re trying not to find out the gender until baby is born. All for a surprise :yellow_heart::green_heart: How are things going for everyone else?


Welcome and congratulations @Ms93

Nice to have another parent to be waiting for birth to find out boy or girl! My husband and I have with all of our children and again with this pregnancy.

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Baby Berries due April - June 2022
Due Date List!

3 April - Ms93 :yellow_heart:

13 April - Emmillose :heartbeat: Girl

25 April - Blambwife

4 May - Sarahjane1 :yellow_heart:

6 May - Moonkai :blue_heart:

7 May - Cleaver :yellow_heart:

9 May - Lunette *Twins

25 May - Labelo

10 June - Zinnia_Bloom :heartbeat:

30 June - Pittieparty

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[name_f]My[/name_f] husband is dying to know, tried to figure it out at the anatomy scan but couldn’t :joy: he let it be my choice and I’m really enjoying guessing and waiting.

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Popping on for an update :slight_smile:

At week 12 now. NIPT and NT scans all clear, I’m happy to say. And I’m absolutely thrilled to announce that I’m having a girl! [name_m]Just[/name_m] so nice to connect with the little one, picturing her swimming around in my abdomen. And I don’t have to worry about boy names anymore, so less work for me! (Although who am I kidding, I’d never sneeze at the opportunity to think up more and more names). But this all does feel more real now.

[name_f]My[/name_f] nausea is still bad, heartburn/reflux is terrible, and I’m really hoping that by week 16 things will get better.


Oh I wanted to ask, has anyone else started feeling more energetic going into the second trimester? How are you all feeling??

Congratulations on the great results and daughter!

I am still struggling with major food aversions and uneasiness, mostly able to avoid vomiting.


I have been lucky to have basically no morning sickness with any of my three pregnancies, only the vaguest of passing nausea. But my chronic migraines have been kicking my butt. Trying to get through them with nothing more than the occasional Tylenol has really made me question whether I could make it. But I’m in the midst of some good days, and I’m doing everything non-medicinal I can to control the headaches. Here’s hoping.

I’m doing a cvs test because of my age (old - ha!), and I still have a solid month before the testing facility would book me for that. I’ve only had an NIPT before, and I’m a little nervous. If anyone can share any cvs advice or experience, I’d love it.

Very much in first trimester limbo over here…


I know NIPT can be expensive but if you have coverage maybe consider doing it but still do CVS. You would have the NIPT results a few weeks before the CVS tests and it would give you a solid understanding of some factors. I haven’t had CVS but had an amnio with my last pregnancy and found the long wait to take the test difficult. That combined with my age was a large reason I pushed to do NIPT at 10 weeks and if anything was uncertain planned to do CVS or amnio when I was eligible. At my first OB appointment at 12 weeks my doctor did raise the option of both but felt it was unnecessary with my NIPT results. Good luck.

A couple weeks ago migraines kicked in for me. I am sorry you are struggling with them.

I’m still on multiple round the clock antiemetics and iv fluids 2-3x per week, but vomiting is down to once a day or sometimes once every other day so I’ll take it. Still waiting for some energy, but not optimistic until I can get off/decrease phenergan and/or Unisom.

@Zinnia_Bloom are you taking anything for it. I’m on daily protonix and is helping me with reflux.

I just started feeling some little movements this week!

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@Cleaver thank you!! I hear you, my focus has also been avoiding vomiting, through sheer force if needed. I know vomiting would cause dehydration and therefore constipation, and I’ve been lucky so far with not having constipation and would like to keep it that way, if possible!

@pittieparty I had a weeklong migraine just once in early pregnancy, and it was the worst symptom I’ve had to deal with. I’m so sorry! I’ve found that peppermint oil on my temples and back of neck is really soothing. Good luck with your CVS!

@moonkai I can’t imagine going through what you’re dealing with. I’m so sorry! In the past four years pre-pregnancy, I had a lot of issues with heartburn and reflux, and when it would get bad I’d take Pantoprazole for a month. For pregnancy time, I’ve found that a bit of magnesium helps, taking a daily probiotic seems to be helping a bit, and I’ve been trying to not drink a lot of water while I eat (just before and after). Once a week I take a Pepcid (it’s a treat, haha).

I met with my ob this week. Reassuring to hear the heartbeat.

I booked my 18-20 and am upset they won’t allow anyone to attend. I understand my children but my husband deserves to be there and I want him with me! With Covid numbers increasing again and the new variant I really hope things at least can stay stable. I hoped by [name_f]April[/name_f] when the baby arrives things would be better.

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[name_u]Will[/name_u] they let you take a video of the ultrasound with your phone? That’s what I’ve been doing, and it’s actually been a lot of fun to show the videos to my husband when he’s home from work. It really does feel intimate and awe-inspiring to look together, and luckily with smartphones we have easy access to record the ultrasound (and share with anyone else)!

I think I am going to get a fetal Doppler so at least my hubby and son can listen to the heartbeat if nothing else.