Baby boy #4- what should he be named?

Suggestions please! We have 3 boys- [name]Michael[/name] [name]David[/name], [name]Caleb[/name], and [name]Jude[/name]. My only rule is I want a biblical name, as that is the running theme and I like names that mean something to me. My fav (and first choice) is [name]Benjamin[/name] [name]Price[/name] M(3 sylable last name), but DH doesn’t like [name]Benjamin[/name] (still trying to change his mind :). That gives you an idea- help please!

[name]Benjamin[/name] is a fine name, but I would hesitate to use it with a three-syllable last name, especially if it’s long written out. I assume that [name]Price[/name] is a family name that you want to use. Is that correct?

Since one of your boys already has a J name, you might want to skip the J names, but here are some ideas:

[name]Adam[/name] [name]Price[/name] M______
[name]Samuel[/name] [name]Price[/name] M_____
[name]Nathan[/name] [name]Price[/name] M_____
[name]Andrew[/name] [name]Price[/name] M______
[name]Peter[/name] [name]Price[/name] M______
[name]Jonas[/name] [name]Price[/name] M_____
[name]Aaron[/name] [name]Price[/name] M______
[name]Philip[/name] [name]Price[/name] M______
[name]Joel[/name] [name]Price[/name] M______
[name]Stephen[/name] [name]Price[/name] M_____

[name]Simon[/name] “he has heard”
[name]Elijah[/name] “my god is Yaweh”
[name]Levi[/name] “attached”
[name]Reuben[/name] - “behold, a son”
[name]Thomas[/name] “twin”
[name]Tobias[/name] “Yaweh is good”

Here are my favorites :slight_smile:

[name]Eli[/name] ([name]Elijah[/name])
[name]Ethan[/name] (even tho its popular, I so love it)