Baby Boy Name - need help desperately

I everyone :slight_smile: I’m pregnant with a baby boy and me and my husband just can”t find a middle name for [name]Bentley[/name]. We really like [name]Bentley[/name] but is being hard to find the mn. We have two other children [name]Max[/name] [name]Leon[/name] and [name]Zoe[/name] [name]Winter[/name].

Wait im confused. I just responded to a post about you wanting a middle name for [name]Bentley[/name]. This is the post.
“[name]Hi[/name] i’m pregnant with a baby boy due in 15 days. me and my husband are going to name him [name]Bentley[/name] but we can”t pick a middle name. we found the name in a baby book and we fell in love but we are just having a hard time finding a middle name. we already have another son [name]Max[/name] [name]Leon[/name] and a daugther [name]Zoe[/name] [name]Winter[/name]. Our last name is [name]Jensen[/name]. Please help ;)”

Which is it? Im a little confused.