baby clothes for fat little babies

When my kids were little, I breastfed them. My pediatrician advised me to only give them one bottle a week, so I breastfed constantly! My kids got so pudgy. They looked like little Amish babies. By the time they were six months old, they only fit into Japanese baby clothes. American baby clothes were longer and leaner and just didn’t work. Has anyone else had this dilemma?
I stopped breastfeeding when my babies were around ten months. It’s a good thing or they might have overtaken the globe!

Hey, I love this forum! [name]Hope[/name] somebody else posts on it besides me.

That story made me laugh! That’s so adorable - we were secretly hoping our children would be chubby babies, just because it’s so precious (and my sister’s son was the pudgiest baby ever - he looked like a Cabbage Patch Kid) but they were all skinny babies - and they’re still so skinny! - even though they eat like crazy.

I had one chubby baby and one slim little peanut! [name]William[/name] was chubby with huge hands, really long and big feet… he is now very tall with wide shoulders and still has huge hands and feet. He is build like his dad and will probably be around 6’4 250 when he is grown. [name]Alexander[/name] was a good pound lighter at birth, slim but long. He is still slim and tall, will probably be around as tall as [name]William[/name] but not nearly as large.
I love both of my boys, but I think that a little bit of chub is really nice!

He wasn’t breastfead, but one of my nephews is a really big baby. Pudgy thing with huge hands and feet, really tall. He’s 14 months and he wears a 2T and a size 6 shoe already. Clothes haven’t been a problem to find, he just wears a larger size. Shoes on the other hand have been difficult. He has very wide feet and had to find a shoe store that specialized in custom shoes for kids.

My kids have really wide feet, too. And big calves. But now both of my kids are slender. Their calves are still large though. Someone told my son that some people have surgeries on their calves so they will be big like his calves.
I had to buy my kids’ shoes at Striderite when they were little. My daughter’s feet were especially wide. The shoe salesman would act kind of surprised when he would measure her foot. I remember that it was painful when she would accidentally step on my foot. Once she stepped on my hand with her plastic sandal that had spikes on the bottom. That hurt!
People in my family tend to have huge heads, too. Hats feel tight. But my hands are small. So odd.

[name]Phoebe[/name] was the fattest baby (breastfed for 20 mos). She looked like she had rubber bands segmenting her arms and the creases would get tan lines! It surprises me that Japanese clothing runs ‘chubbier.’ Would think American clothes would be the biggest! I dressed [name]Phoebe[/name] in a lot of dresses and bubbles, so the fit wasn’t such an issue. Now she is almost 3 and pretty average.

I had a chubby baby, and she leaned out a bit as she hit the toddler stage, but I still BF her. Yoga pants and stretchy tops…The Children’s Place has a few. I hate the skinny pants that out right now, but it is possible to find stuff. [name]Do[/name] you have an outlet mall where you live? The one near us has Carters, Gap, Osh Gosh and Children’s Place…I have the best luck at CP though.

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