baby girl name

I”m thinking about naming my baby girl Dries- and was curious if anyone had any thoughts about that. I”ve been getting a lot of grief from family but friends think it”s pretty cool. I guess my issues are will people know how to pronounce it correctly and does it matter that it”s a Dutch boy”s name.

I think the name Dries for a girl is quite beautiful actually!
At first thought, the name Dries reminded me of the fashion brand Dries [name]Van[/name] Noten, who makes stunning clothes for men and women as well as to die for shoes. Dries, in that context, is actually used on a male, but i find that Dries is very pretty and feminine.
If you’re too scared to use it (which i don’t think you should be), you could also use the name [name]Dree[/name] (pn. Dray) which more people may think is more common for a girl and less “out there”.
By the way, i pronounce Dries as Dreez, I think that is the most common pronunciation. Is that how you are pronouncing it?
You know what…i actually think i may put this name on my list for a girl too!

Like, “Dries the clothing”?? It’s not even a legitimate girl’s name in another language! Where is the appeal? It has nothing going for it, in my opinion…

Thank you! That’s sweet. Yeah, we were thinking of pronouncing it Dreez. And I love Dries [name]Van[/name] Noten too. especially the shoes.

I really think you should go for it! What middle name were you thinking about for her? I may suggest using a more classical name just in case your daughter doesn’t end up liking her first name, so she could use her middle. Are you open for suggestions? But i mean, who wouldn’t want to share the name with fashion power house [name]Van[/name] Noten??
[name]How[/name] fun would it be to buy her a pair of Dries Shoes and for her 16th birthday give her the pair? (i know you would have to guess size, adn they would probably be out of style, but its a cute idea!)