Baby Girls

As a long time lurker on Nameberry I decided to create an account to announce mine and my husbands twins, who are our final babies (for now!). On Friday of last week me and my husband had our little Gazelle Rosaline Margott (T isn’t silent!!) and Willow Spencer Testament.
Gazelle is for her grandmother who sadly passed away last week who was a wildlife photographer, we also wanted a unique spin on the name Gizelle. We chose Rosaline because my husband loved the name Rosa but we both wanted a more unique version of it. And Margott is because my husband is French and wanted something to do with his heritage.
Willow is for her other grandmother, and Spencer is for Princess Diana who I love. Testament is because of our Christian faith, and I think it goes wonderfully with her other names.
They join siblings Barnabas Deliverance, Cian Malcolm, Callen Duncan and older sister Etta Freeman.


Beautiful names! I welcomed twins into the world on the 7th!

Congrats to both of you!