Baby milestones

Ok I know I just posted on here about postpartum anxiety and I think this is part of that but I’ve been freaking out all night because my little girl (who just turned 6 months yesterday) doesn’t really babble or coo. She can, and I’ve heard her do it from time to time when she’s in the mood, but most of the time she’s just quiet. She also hasn’t really started responding to her name yet. But she makes good eye contact and is ahead in all her other milestones, has been sitting unsupported since 4 months, just started crawling, and is working on standing and walking. She smiles and giggles and squeals, has a preference for mom and dad and is really starting to register stranger danger but she just won’t talk! Both my husband and I are quiet people and she’s our first so though I try to make sure I talk she probably doesn’t have as mucexamples around. Is this something I should be freaking out about or is this normal?

If you search on google “My 6 month old won’t…” the most popular search that comes up is “My 6 month old won’t babble”, I actually read some of the top articles/posts about it and it seems to be no big deal, and something that happens to a lot of babies. That’s probably the case for your daughter as well, but keep an eye on her just in case. Good luck!

Totally normal for them to work on one skill set at a time. It sounds like your baby has been concentrating on gross motor skills. The communication will come with time! My son is 10.5 months and it’s just in the last month or so that he has been responding to his name and saying a couple of words and showing me that he understands what I’m saying. At this same age my daughter was basically speaking in sentences (exaggeration, but she was very communicative!). I was worried about my son’s development but you do have to look at the big picture – my son was taking steps at 7 months old and walking at 9, so he had to get that out of the way before he could concentrate on communication. In contrast, my talkative daughter wasn’t walking until a few months later. She worked on words first.

From what you’ve described in your post I’d say your baby is developing very normally. Try not to worry too much!