Baby name book ?

Headed to [name]Barnes[/name] and [name]Noble[/name] today… Are there any baby name books you would recommend? Thanks in advance!! :slight_smile:

I like A World of [name]Baby[/name] Names by [name]Teresa[/name] [name]Norman[/name]. I’m not one for baby name books where the author gives their personal opinion on names, so I like this one because it’s just facts. It breaks names up by language/culture/country/ethnicity (ie, Irish names, [name]German[/name] names, Hindu names) and gives the meanings, variant forms, nicknames, pronunciation and brief history of each name.

[name]Pam[/name] and [name]Linda[/name]'s are always good! I have [name]Baby[/name] Names Now, which is from 2001 or something, so you probably won’t find that one. But look for their name books!

I also have one I really like that’s called ‘50,001+ Best [name]Baby[/name] Names’. It’s mostly just names and their meanings, but has some lists and other info, too. It’s by [name]Diane[/name] [name]Stafford[/name]. IDK if it’s still available, though.

[name]Hope[/name] it helps!

Two of my favourites are…

The [name]Baby[/name] Name Bible by [name]Pamela[/name] [name]Redmond[/name] Satran and [name]Linda[/name] Rosenkrantz (aka Namberry administrators :)) Lots of great names - old and new

The [name]Baby[/name] Name [name]Wizard[/name] by [name]Laura[/name] Wattenberg (she puts names into style families)

If you’re a fan of Nameberry, of course you have to buy the books that [name]Linda[/name] and I have written over the years and which are the basis of everything on Nameberry, from the content to the attitude.

The [name]Baby[/name] Name Bible is our biggest book, with 50,000 names with variations and definitions – and if you trust Nameberry, you know that these are all accurate and well-researched by us (unlike most other name books).

Our books on names and style include Cool Names for Babies and Beyond [name]Ava[/name] & [name]Aiden[/name], which look more deeply into issues of style and image and gender and tradition regarding names.

We certainly hope that you’ll choose our books first!