Baby Name DNA


I was wondering if it were possible to see the baby name type from the baby name DNA profile on each name. So if you clicked on a name you would see the type or the type percentage breakdown for that name.

I honestly just want to know what my name is in terms of baby name type and see if that has influenced by decisions. But it would make a cool feature.

Red Wolf (not my name, if you were wondering)


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I’ve moved this to the ‘All About Nameberry’ section, which is where you can suggest ways NB can be made better :heart:

It’s an interesting idea.

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That would be a cool feature ! We have lots of baby name dna ideas we hope to implement in the future. Thanks!


I have another question that could be added to Nameberry DNA:
Would you rather give your child:
a modern invited name
a name that is today seen as outdated/old man/old woman name

Tbh most of the questions are this with different wording

I would love to see what baby name DNA type every name on the Nameberry database is. I believe my first name, [name_f]Caroline[/name_f], is a leader name. However, I am not sure if my middle name, [name_f]Edith[/name_f], is a leader, noble, charmer or romantic name. I think I would really enjoy finding out what type of names my family and friends have and then saying something like “You have a star name.”

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This is a really interesting idea! I think there is a significant amount of overlap of names between categories, and I think many names can be in more than one DNA type!