Baby name Meira

Hey all! I found a different name to obsess over, and it’s Meira. Ironically it isn’t on nameberry but I found it elsewhere and I keep thinking about it.
This version I would pronounce ‘MY-ruh’. The Meira spelling is Hebrew and means “giving light”, and I love the meaning and actually really like the spelling, but does the spelling make it confusing at all?
At first glance how would you pronounce it?
Also, what middles do you think for this? Thanks!

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It’s a sweet name! However, I do think pronunciation could be tricky - at first glance, I pronounced it “[name_f]May[/name_f]-ra”. I’ve met several people named [name_f]Myra[/name_f] (MY-ruh) but never Meira. I think the Meira spelling brings youthfulness to the name, if you don’t mind correcting people a bit on the pronunciation.

I think the name is lovely! I’m more familiar with it using the [name_f]Myra[/name_f] spelling. You would probably need to correct people on the pronunciation and spelling. I would assume it was pronounced “[name_f]May[/name_f]-ra”.

I would say it meer-uh because it reminds me of [name_f]Keira[/name_f]. I think [name_f]Myra[/name_f] or [name_f]Mayra[/name_f] would be more likely to get your desired pronunciation. It’s a sweet name though!


I would assume Meer-uh (like [name_f]Mira[/name_f]) or [name_f]May[/name_f]-ruh. I’d only guess [name_f]My[/name_f]-ruh if there were sounds that pointed to it like [name_f]Myra[/name_f] or [name_f]Maira[/name_f].

According to Forvo, in Hebrew, it would be pronounced something like ma-EAR-uh. [name_m]Link[/name_m] attached so you can hear it in multiple other languages and see how I’m trying to explain that pronunciation lol

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Love the meaning! I would assume it was pronounced meer-uh at first but your pn wouldn’t surprise me

I think Meira is a nice name, though it wouldn’t have occurred to me to pronounce it just like [name_f]Myra[/name_f]. Given its Hebrew origin and similarity to [name_f]Golda[/name_f] [name_m]Meir[/name_m]’s name, I would say may-EER-a.

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I assumed it’s pronounced may-ra, though this one isn’t hard to remember.
[name_f]Myra[/name_f] would be the spelling that easily gives the pronunciation you want.

I think it’s sweet, although I’d definitely pronounce it mair-uh/may-ruh on instinct. For the my-ruh pronunciation, I’d personally go for the [name_f]Myra[/name_f] spelling.

Meira [name_f]Beatrix[/name_f]
Meira [name_u]Ellis[/name_u]
Meira [name_f]Poppy[/name_f]
Meira [name_f]Felicity[/name_f]
Meira [name_f]Elodie[/name_f]

I first pronounced it may-ra. [name_f]My[/name_f] second thought was to pronounce it Mee-ra (like [name_f]Keira[/name_f]) and my last thought was to pronounce it the way you want it to be. I do think you would have to correct people a lot, but it is a very pretty name - both how it sounds and how it’s spelled.

I would pronounce it [name_f]May[/name_f]-ra. A cute name.

Meira [name_f]Odette[/name_f]
Meira [name_m]Calixto[/name_m]
Meira [name_f]Monet[/name_f]
Meira [name_u]Quinn[/name_u]
Meira [name_u]Willow[/name_u]

I would pronounce it like [name_f]Mere[/name_f]-ra. I added the extra r in the middle to get the word mere and I would use the R in the name to get ra. Maybe all different pronounciation is from where we live. Queensland Australia for me.

I love it!

Ooh! That sounds really cool! [name_u]Love[/name_u] the meaning!:blush:

I would pronounce this may-ruh because of how it is spelled. [name_f]Mei[/name_f]-[name_m]Ra[/name_m].

Moira is moy-ruh but closer to my-ra.

I have this name on my list but fyi the only pronunciation I’ve ever seen is MY-eer-uh. Not like myra or meera.

I would pronounce it Meer-ah.
Meira [name_u]Lynn[/name_u]
Meira [name_f]Grace[/name_f]
Meira [name_f]Pearl[/name_f]
Meira [name_f]Louanne[/name_f]